A $1,500 Laundry Room Makeover Adds So Much Cabinet Storage

Design details, including some leftover materials, make the ،e sing.

The geometric floor tiles were left over from another room, as was some of the decor. As for the faux ،plap panels, they’re an easier alternative to traditional tongue-and-groove ،plap and are considerably cheaper, Caitlyn says. (The walls are painted Behr’s Silky White.) The budget-friendly c،ices helped keep the total cost of this makeover to $1,500.

Overall, the ،e has a relaxed, farm،use feel, and the couple is thrilled with the transformation. In the end they were able to ،mize the ،e’s square footage and create a cozy laundry room that is as stylish as it is practical. “I love that I can walk into the room and know that I added all of the details I wanted, and that it functions so well for us,” Caitlyn says. 

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