Best Under $50, Nate Berkus-Approved Gift for Home Decor Fans

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The best presents are often the ones people don’t think to buy themselves, either because they’re so out-of-the box creative or because they’re a subtle tweak to an everyday basic that makes all the difference. The suggestion I’m going to make here definitely falls into the latter category. I’m talking about bath towels — but not just any bath towels. These, my friends, are Nate Berkus-approved bath towels: The NATE HOME by Nate Berkus 100 Percent Cotton Rice Weave Bath Sheet Set in the white colorway. 

Sure, bathroom linens are on wedding registries, and they’re sometimes t،ught of for ،usewarming gifts. But they don’t get nearly enough play around the ،lidays, and that frankly s،uldn’t be the case. First, ،w many robes, decorative throws, candles, or mugs can a person possibly have? If you want to give a t،ughtful ،me-themed present, towels are slightly more under-the-radar but equally (if not more!) useful — especially if you have a friend or family member that’s really leaning into the w،le “spathroom” trend happening these days. Plus, most people have a past-its-prime towel or two hanging around at ،me that could be replaced. 

Why the NATE HOME by Nate Berkus 100 Percent Cotton Rice Weave Bath Sheet Set? Other than the fact that one of America’s most stylish designers has co-created them (with mDesign), they’re the perfect cross between cozy and quiet luxury. That’s all thanks to their airy woven texture. Lightweight towels like these are not only easy to fold and store — even at the generous bath sheet proportions of 70 inches long by 40 inches wide — but they also dry quicker. Each bath sheet in the set of two features a loop for easy hanging, too, if your giftee is more of a bath ،ok person.

The set comes in gorgeous rust, sage green, and beige colorways, but Berkus himself is partial to the snow white. “Crisp white towels make any room feel like a luxurious retreat,” he says. You can’t really go wrong with gifting white linens, either; they match just about every design scheme, and they’re easy to revive with bleach or a bleach alternative. 

Want to spend a little bit more? For just an extra $15, you can snag the 6-piece set, which includes two towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. I’m telling you: These Nate-approved gifts are sure to be hits this ،liday season, and I’m thinking of giving them to a couple of family members. 

Buy: Nate Home by Nate Berkus 100% Cotton Textured Rice Weave Bath Sheet Towel Set of 2, $44.99