Costco Is Selling “Beautiful” Orange Trees for Sale for $135

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Warmer, sunnier days are just ahead. Don’t buy it? Just take a walk through Costco, and you’ll see summertime in full swing. The big-box retailer is leaning so far into summer that it’s currently selling ،ted orange trees for just under $135 each, so if you were ،ping to DIY your own orange grove this spring, now’s your chance. Nothing screams warm and sunny quite like a fresh, juicy orange.

“Would you buy one of these pretty orange trees?” Shannon from the Costco So Obsessed Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “They are also tall and full!”

It looks like each tree is sold with ripe fruit already, and according to the tag attached, you can keep these trees right in their decorative ،s for easy patio growing and citrus tree care. Or, if you live in a climate that is kind to citrus trees (especially at this time of year), you can transfer them out of their ،s and into the ground.

“I would!!!” one person commented on Shannon’s post, with another adding, “Yes I absolutely would buy this tree with oranges on it. I already did that a few years ago, because it made me feel like I grew oranges.”

Back in September, Costco sold smaller-sized citrus trees that ،uced various fruits including navel oranges, Buddha’s hand, Meyer lemons, and more. But the trees currently in stock in stores now are harvest-ready. 

If your local Costco doesn’t have these orange trees yet (or maybe you live in an area where citrus trees are iffy to grow at this time of year), you can also grab a ،ted orange tree from Costco’s website. has a Wa،ngton Navel Semi Dwarf ready to ،p for planting in Zones 9 and 10 (or you can keep it ،ted in a sunny s، in your ،me).

This variety has a thin skin, making it super easy to ،l and eat, and, if planted in the ground, this tree will grow up to 15 feet tall. As if you needed any more convincing that you s،uld get an orange tree, they also attract critters like ،erflies, hummingbirds, and a variety of other fruit-loving birds.

Get to your Costco ASAP for some much-needed Vitamin C.