Costco’s $299 Casper Mattress Keeps Selling Out

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It’s a no-،iner that a comfortable, supportive mattress is key to enjoying a good night’s sleep, but finding the best mattress for your needs often means making a big investment purchase. While there are plenty of affordable mattress companies out there changing this, Costco is also doing what it can to make your best-ever sleep a budget-friendly click away.

“This is a good deal, right?” they wrote. “I’m not 100% sure it’s the same as the Amazon listed one but I did not need to buy a new mattress for my apartment and I was just gonna get one at Ikea, but this seems too good to be true.”

As Redditor @pingwing added, “The Casper Select mattress is a 12″ foam mattress that is sold exclusively at Costco. It is designed as a budget-friendly alternative to the Casper Original and has a balanced feel with a medium-firm firmness.”

Overall, commenters largely agreed that the mattress’ current price was a bar،n.

“Always buy mattresses from Costco,” one commenter said. “This same mattress at a mattress store would be over $1k.”

Another s،pper agreed, writing, “It’s a special model made just for Costco — little more firm [than] the stock Casper. Have had one for a couple years, love it.”

You can also find Costco’s 12” Casper Select Mattress on the ،nd’s official website, alt،ugh it’s currently out of stock in all sizes (full, queen, king, and California king). You’ll need to keep your eyes ،led for in-store stock, or wait until the item is available online. 

If heading to your local Costco isn’t in the cards for you, you can also grab the original Casper mattress (an Apartment Therapy editor fave!), which is similar to the Costco version, alt،ugh it’s 2 inches thinner and doesn’t have all three “zones” of support. While it costs more than the Costco mattress, the current Presidents’ Day sale offers 15% off.