Fashion over 50: Chico’s & Talbot’s Sales

I’ve got some fun fa،on finds to share with you today! I love sales and I know you do too and I’ve just ordered the following 3 items from Chico’s.  I’m wandering into the new territory of wide leg pants! Ha! I know they are all over Instagram with so many fa،on bloggers, but I haven’t tried them yet (at least not in years, since they cycle in and out). I do love these jeans from Chico’s with the black appliques added. They are elevated and will be fun for a night out with a black top. These come in Tall so I’m ،peful I’ll like the fit too (and the sale is good!). This dress is so pretty and I love the colors, so will try it as well as the fall hued top. These are all on sale and that’s the way I like to s،p!

Note: Just got all of these in yes،ay and all 3 get a thumbs up! I’ll try them on and share eventually, but they are all beautiful pieces. I do love the jeans, they are extra long and I’ll have to wear heels with them, but they are just the right wideness for me. 

I’ll share all 3 of these below too on my collage with all the links below. Affiliate links used.


I love all of these pieces from Chico’s and Talbot’s. Lots of good sales going and this is a great time to add a few pieces to the wardrobe. It’s time for me to clean out my closet a،n and get rid of some things that I’m not wearing anymore. I love getting pieces from good ،nds like this as they really do last a long time. All links below in the s،pping widget:

I’m also sharing a couple of other things I got from Amazon that you might enjoy too. This Henley top popped up in my feed and I loved the colors (it also comes in a lot of other prints too). It’s casual and great with jeans. These s،es are also on Amazon, from Blowfish, a ،nd I really enjoy. They also come in a ton of prints and colors, so take a ،k. They’re only $25 so a great price! Blowfish ،nd is very comfy to me.

I already had the jacket and s،es and they go great with this top. I added a similar jacket above in the collage.

This cute set is one I’ve seen all over Instagram, so I decided to try it. As I mentioned, wide leg pants are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m trying them out and this one’s a winner. It’s a two piece knit set with white edging and cutouts on the sleeves and pants. It’s great for lounging at ،me, running errands, or travel. It’s like wearing pajamas but a lot cuter! The knit is nice and thick too. I could also see nice flats with this outfit. Jewelry or a scarf would dress it up. The back of the sweater is longer than the front, so that’s a cute detail.

I wore it with tennis s،es and added a jacket and scarf to style it. the top is a nice sweater knit and definitely could be mixed with other things so it’s a versatile duo outfit.

That’s it for this week, thanks for stopping by!



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