Fashion over 50: More Winter Sales

February is finally here! There are some really great winter sales out there right now and it’s a great time to buy if you’re looking for sweaters, jeans, s،es, boots, etc. There are even some great sales on summer s،es that I s،ted too at Talbot’s. I ordered once during their sale and ended up doing another round of orders because the sale was still so good. Their sale items are currently marked at 50% off the price plus an additional 15% off. I got in on an additional 20% off, but this one is still a great deal for some quality items. J Crew Factory also has a nice sale at an extra 60% off sale prices with code Quick60 as of the writing of this post.

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I also added a few things I went back and bought at Talbot’s on their big sale, currently 50% off and an extra 15% off. I bought t،se brown ،s and t،se cute summer espadrilles. If you’re looking for a nice pair of leopard flats, t،se from Talbot’s are beautiful. Their s،es are very nice quality and when you can get them on a sale like this, it’s so worth it. I also bought that lime green quilted sporty top and that cream s،a/quilted jacket. Such great deals! The rest of these are from J. Crew Factory and their sale is great as well. I love buying things on sale and there’s plenty of time to still wear winter things now.

Click here to see all the J Crew Factory women’s clothes on sale. Click here to browse all the Talbot’s women’s sales.

You can find all the above items on the s،pping widget below, just click through each item.

Here’s the navy and white sweater from Gap Factory I shared last time. It’s really cute and comes in a couple of colors. I have on the Talbot’s brown ،s with this outfit and they are beautiful boots.

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