Home Style Saturday 367 – Southern Hospitality

Hello friends! I’m at a conference for midlife women this weekend in Las Vegas, so I will definitely share when I return. My cataract surgery went very well on my first eye and I’m taking care of it even t،ugh I’m traveling with all the drops. I’m the one with no eye makeup a، all these glam over-50 gals!

In the meantime, get your fall inspiration right here with easy apple dumplings, fall bedroom ideas, fall entryway ideas, fall wreath ideas, and free fall printables. We’ve got your fall feels covered!

Southern Hospitality | Easy Apple Dumplings


StoneGable | Beautiful Fall Bedroom Ideas


Designthusiasm | Inviting Fall Entryway Ideas


On Sutton Place | Neutral Fall Wreath Idea


 Shabbyfufu | 30+ Free Fall Printables


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