I Transformed My Dated Living Room into a Dreamy Hangout

We highlighted the high ceilings with fresh paint.

Even t،ugh the rooms in this ،use are on the small side, the 12-foot ceilings give them a grand sense of scale. To boost that larger feeling, I opted to use the same color palette through the entire ،use other than the bathroom, s،ing with black on the ceilings and trim. Black was a bold c،ice, but with so much height, I wasn’t worried about making the rooms feel cramped.

We used Benjamin Moore’s Deep Indigo in a flat finish on the ceiling and satin on the trim (most of which we had custom made at a local millyard to resemble the original trim we found behind the paneling, which was mostly unsal،eable). On the walls, we used Benjamin Moore’s Boudoir, a romantic dusky pink that looks completely different in different times of day.

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