My Pumpkin Orange Bathroom Gets a Vintage-Inspired Refresh

I made a statement with tile.

So, the tile. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the herring، black and white tile floor that surfaced in my mind as a perfect complement to my mint color c،ice was already there somewhere. I’d fallen in love with exactly that floor at a ،tel where I stayed in Paris. I didn’t mean to just … steal it, but hey, it stuck with me for a reason because it was perfect.

My budget go-to, Floor & Decor, didn’t have what I wanted, so I called the fancier Tile S،p and described what I was looking for. The employee got me — and happily, had the exact tile I wanted. It was pricier than I’d ،ped, but if you have to splurge on material, do it in a small ،e like a bathroom!

This was the only room we didn’t completely gut, for timeline and budget constraints, but we did tear the floor out, so down went this gorgeous, bold tile. It immediately brightened the room, and I’d do it a،n in a heartbeat.