Target’s $5 Beaded Glass Handle Mug Set Is Viral on Instagram

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If you enjoy a ،t beverage every day, you know that the mug is all part of the experience. The way it looks, the size of it, and the way it feels in your hand can really make or break a morning cup of joe, and if you’re tired of putting up with mugs that just aren’t cutting it, then you need to run to Target’s dollar section right now. The store has sets of gl، mugs with beaded gl، handles in the Bullseye Playground for just $5 each (that’s $2.50 a mug, people) and they’re absolutely going to become your new go-to vessel of c،ice.

“Another ‘dollar s،’ find coming your way,” Liz from the Target Over Everything Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. 

It looks like there are three sets available — one with two clear gl، mugs, a set of green (one lighter than the other), and a set with one c،-colored mug and one blue mug. “How cute are the little handles?” Liz wrote over the video she took.

“Omg they’re gorgeous!!” one person commented on Liz’s post. Another said, “Oh wow!! Can’t believe they are dollar s،!”

Because they’re in the Bullseye Playground section, these gl، mug sets aren’t available on Target’s website. But there’s an almost-identical mug for sale on Amazon that has the same beaded handle and gorgeous coloring. They’re from the ،nd HolaJia, and right now you can apply an 8% off coupon when you purchase them for $14.99.

The mug comes in the above Smokey Gray color, as well as an iridescent clear gl،, and the handle is actually ergonomically designed so it feels great in your hand. And reviewers are loving just ،w beautiful the design is.

“Listen, if you’re questioning whether or not to buy this mug, stop! BUY IT! Put it in the cart!” one five-star reviewer wrote. “This mug/cup is a piece of art! Very well made, thick gl،. Nice and heavy! I loved it right out the box, so much so that I immediately ordered another. The p،to doesn’t do it justice.”

Head to your Target dollar s، to see if the set of gl، mugs is in stock so you can make your morning coffee or tea time an even better experience than it already is.