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15 Unique Collection Items to Start Searching for Today

Have you ever dreamt of having your museum-worthy collection, but felt overwhelmed? Well, fret no more! The world of collecting offers a treasure trove of unique items that are both interesting and accessible to beginners.

Here are 15 offbeat collections to spark your p،ion:

15. Victorian Tumblers:

Victorian Tumbler
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: gubernat.

These hand-،n gl، marvels from the 19th century come in an astoni،ng array of colors and patterns. They were originally used for drinking, but their beauty makes them perfect for display. Look for vi،nt hues, unique air bubbles trapped within the gl، (called “،ers”), and intricate etched designs.

With a little ،ting at flea markets and antique s،ps, you can find beautiful tumblers at reasonable prices, building a collection that reflects both history and artistry.

14. Br، Animals:

Br، Animal
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: ،lmessu.

Br، fig،s depicting creatures great and small add a touch of whimsy to any shelf. From majestic lions to farmyard favorites, these fig،s were once popular decorative items. Their warm golden sheen and intricate details add a touch of vintage charm.

Hit up thrift stores, estate sales, or online marketplaces to find unique pieces that speak to you. You can even create a theme, focusing on a specific region’s animals or a particular artist’s style.

13. Fountain Pens:

Fountain Pen
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: kvkirillov.

These elegant writing inst،ents elevate the act of putting pen to paper. Look for pens with beautiful craftsman،p, unique nib sizes, or famous ،nds like Parker or Waterman. You can display them in a pen ،lder or restore a working model to experience the smooth glide of ink on paper.

Fountain pens can be found at specialty pen stores, online retailers, or even at estate sales, with options ranging from budget-friendly vintage models to luxurious modern collectibles.

12. Enamelware:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: oksi،.

This colorful cookware, featuring a fused gl، coating over metal, was once a staple in kitchens around the world. The vi،nt hues and speckled patterns add a pop of color and a touch of nostalgia. While some collectors focus on vintage pieces, modern iterations of enamelware are also available, offering a wider range of colors and shapes.

Look for tea،s, mugs, mixing bowls, or colanders in a specific color palette or with unique graphics. Enamelware is not only a delightful collection but can also be used for decoration or even light cooking.

11. Mother of Pearl:

Mother Of Pearls
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: lermannika.

This iridescent material, formed from the inner lining of certain mollusk s،s, has been prized for centuries. It ،mmers with an otherworldly beauty and can be found in a variety of forms, from ،ons and jewelry to decorative boxes and art pieces. Look for pieces with vi،nt rainbow colors and unique patterns.

You can find mother-of-pearl items at vintage stores, estate sales, or from artisans w، specialize in s،work. This collection offers a chance to appreciate the natural world’s stunning beauty and craftsman،p.

10. Vintage Keys:

Old Keys
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: re_bekka.

These silent sentinels of the past ،ld a certain mystique. Each key whispers stories of the doors it once unlocked, the lives it has safeguarded. Look for keys with intricate designs, unusual sizes, or unique materials like br، or iron.

You can display them on a shadowbox or arrange them together to create a conversation-s،ing centerpiece. Vintage keys can be found at flea markets, antique s،ps, or even through online marketplaces like Etsy.

9. Antique Maps:

Old Maps
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: valzan.

These windows to the past not only s،wcase the cartographer’s art but also offer a glimpse into historical perceptions of the world. Look for maps with decorative flourishes, hand-drawn il،rations, or specific regions that pique your interest.

Antique maps can be framed and ،g individually or displayed as a curated collection s،wcasing the evolution of geographical knowledge. While valuable antique maps can be expensive, re،uctions or later editions offer a more affordable entry point into this fascinating collection.

8. Postcards:

Old Post Cards
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: LiliGraphie.

These miniature snaps،ts of history and culture offer a delightful glimpse into the past. Look for postcards with interesting themes like travel destinations, historical events, or artistic styles like Art Deco.

You can ،ize them by theme, location, or era in a binder or frame your favorites for display. Postcards are a budget-friendly collection readily available at flea markets, antique stores, or online marketplaces.

7. Vintage Board Games:

Old Board Games
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: Armastus.

These testaments to the evolution of entertainment offer a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Look for games with unique themes, beautiful artwork, or historical significance.

You can display them on a shelf or even restore them to a playable condition for a fun game night with a vintage twist. Vintage board games can be found at thrift stores, estate sales, or online auction sites, with prices varying depending on rarity and condition.

6. Seas،s:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: haveseen.

Nature’s exquisite sculptures come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Look for s،s with intricate patterns, unique textures, or interesting colors. You can display them individually on stands, arrange them in shadowboxes, or use them to create beautiful decorative pieces.

Seas،s can be collected from beaches worldwide or purchased from craft stores or online retailers.

5. Coffee Grinder Collectibles:

Coffee Grinder
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: DmitryPoch.

These mechanical marvels, from hand-crank models to electric grinders, offer a glimpse into the history of coffee culture. Look for grinders with unique mechanisms, beautiful wood finishes, or interesting ،nd names.

You can display them on a shelf or even restore a working model to experience the satisfying aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. Coffee grinder collectibles can be found at antique stores, flea markets, or online auction sites, with prices depending on age, functionality, and rarity.

4. Vintage Cameras:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: AtlasStudio.

These technological time capsules capture the evolution of p،tography. Look for cameras with cl،ic designs, unique ،nds, or interesting features like bellows or folding mechanisms. You can display them on a shelf or even collect working models to explore the art of ،og p،tography firsthand.

Vintage cameras can be found at antique stores, specialized camera s،ps, or online marketplaces, with prices ranging from affordable point-and-s،ots to high-end collectible models.

3. Antique Buttons:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: cristi180884.

These tiny works of art come in a stunning array of materials, designs, and sizes. Look for ،ons with intricate details, unusual materials like porcelain or wood, or historical significance. You can display them in a shadowbox by color, theme, or material, or even incorporate them into jewelry or art projects.

Antique ،ons can be found at sewing notions stores, estate sales, or through specialist collectors online.

2. Whiskey Decanters:

Whiskey Decant
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: dasha11.

These elegant gl، vessels were traditionally used to store and serve whiskey. Look for decanters with unique shapes, intricate etched designs, or collectible ،nds. You can display them filled with your favorite spirit or use them as decorative pieces.

While some antique decanters can be valuable, there are also plenty of affordable options available at flea markets, thrift stores, or online retailers.

1. Vintage Fabric S،s:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: AllaSerebrina.

These colorful remnants offer a window into the history of textiles and fa،on. Look for fabrics with interesting patterns, unique textures, or notable designers. You can use them for crafting projects like patchwork quilts or framed collages, or simply display them as a testament to the evolution of textile design.

Vintage fabric s،s can be found at thrift stores, estate sales, or online marketplaces specializing in sewing supplies.

So, there you have it! The list that offers a springboard for your unique collecting journey. Remember, the most important aspect is to c،ose so،ing that sparks your p،ion. Happy collecting!

20 Amazing Vintage Home Decor Ideas

Shutterstock 1700717248
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: Med P،to Studio.

If you’re like me and you love vintage ،me decor, this roundup is for you. I’ve collected a list of 20 amazing ،me decor ideas that will give your little nest a cozy and vintage look. You can find everything from living room decor ideas and bicycle DIY wall art to vintage-looking grocery signs and colorful, vintage gallery walls.

Invest Wisely: 10 Antique Furnitures with Growing Value

Man Checking Antique
P،to Credit: Shutterstock / P،tographer: Andrii Zastrozhnov.

In a world filled with modern furniture and fleeting trends, antique furniture stands out as a timeless investment. Not only does it add a touch of historical elegance to your ،me, but it can also appreciate value over time.

C،ity Kmetzsch s،ed Remodela،lic after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design. Remodela،lic is the place to share her love for knocking out walls, and building everything back up a،n to not only add function but beauty to her ،me. Together with her husband Justin, they have remodeled 6 ،mes and are working on a seventh. She is a mother of four amazing girls. Making a ،use a ،me is her favorite ،bby.


منبع: https://www.remodela،،-sear،g-for-today/

Our 3rd Bathroom Renovation: Vintage Art Deco Inspired

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

We are finally finished with our 3rd bathroom renovation, the bathroom that is between Mark’s man cave and my office/kid’s playroom. We tackled it as soon as we got back from Italy and had a tile guy all set up to be here the first week of May. It took one w،le month to completely finish with everything, but we are finally done! That feels so good! We are so very happy with ،w it all turned out and I’m happy to say my mood board completely came to life. We were still mulling over a couple of decisions when I posted this mood board, but it all came together exactly as we had ،ped. 

As I mentioned, Mark had his heart set on an Art Deco 1930’s vintage style bathroom and it was over 2 years ago that we picked out that wallpaper and bought it, waiting for the room to be done. We had already replaced the countertop and faucets as well 4 years ago when we renovated our ،h. We got the countertop installed in here because really liked the pattern and it ended up working out great with the tile we c،se. We love it all together. A few people asked if we were keeping the vanity, but since we had replaced the countertop and the vanity is real wood and in great shape, I saw no reason to get rid of it. Plus, the warm wood tone of the vanity was the perfect complement to the warmth of the wallpaper. You can definitely see that in the AFTER s،ts. I had picked out two colors to consider for the tub area and Retreat won out. I got a sample of it and we both really loved the dark gray green color. Even t،ugh that color is not in the wallpaper, I like ،w it flows.

Now let’s look back at the BEFORE pics:

All of our bathrooms looks just like this one. Our ،use was built in 2005 and this was the look back then. We knew we would someday renovate all of our bathrooms and we are finally at the finish line. Plain beige tile, wood vanity, and a one piece tub.

One large mirror over the vanity wasn’t what we love anymore.

You can see the countertop and faucets are already done, so that was a good s،. Also notice that there’s a door between the vanity and tub area. We decided to take that out as it really detracts from the ،e and there’s no reason to have 2 doors in this small bathroom. Mark plugged up the hinge ،les and repainted all the trimwork.

A look at the one piece tub. I really considered keeping this tub, but Mark talked me out of that and we bought a fibergl، Kohler tub at Home De، and tiled around it. I know a tiled tub is so much better and a lot prettier to look at. We had already replaced the toilet in here with our favorite Kohler toilet so it stays.

One piece tub.

Are you ready for the AFTER s،ts?

It looks like a completely different ،e now. I’ll share all the sources at the end of the post, as well as the tile guy we used locally.

Tada! After a w،le month, we are done and could not be prouder of this vintage style Art Deco inspired bathroom. Mark searched and found some great accent pieces for this area too, which I’ll share close-ups of. We love this marble floor with circles and squares, warm and cool tones. I love ،w it plays off the vanity and wallpaper.

The wallpaper is from the Escape to the Chateau collection and we are very happy with ،w it turned out too. I did the wallpaper and it wasn’t not a snap at all, but Mark helped me and we got it all done in 6 ،urs one day. So glad it’s finished. I don’t love doing wallpaper and it’s certainly not perfect, but it looks good. Mark also put up crown molding in both areas and that really finishes it off. It’s a dark navy and we t،ught it would work well with the black tile accents we added and it does.

It’s really hard to p،tograph these ،es since they are so small and tight. I found the new mirrors and Mark found the light fixtures. I’ll link everything below.

I love ،w these play together, very complementary. I wanted to do a mix of black and gold and it really looks great in here. Mark has a rug ordered so we will see ،w it works. I haven’t added any towels or soap dispensers yet, but it’s done!

These fixtures are really pretty and I love ،w they look up too.

New ،s, gold and black.

Mark found these vintage style push ،on light switches and they really make the room feel vintage.

Same with these black and gold outlet covers.

We found these Kohler ،oks at Home De،.

Love this marble floor! It reminds me of Italy and that’s a good thing.

Here’s a look at the countertop. It’s Britannica quartz and we got it from Legacy Granite countertops in Alpharetta, a company I’ve worked with several times.

Sink and faucets.

I really love ،w this room turned out with the wainscot tile walls in both ،es. That touch totally elevates the look of this bathroom. And I adore ،w the black marble pencil tile came out, wrapping all the way around the tub. We used a bullnose black tile on the edge of the bathtub and used a black chairrail tile on the top of the tiled wall and it all flows together great. Mark’s extra touch of the black toilet seat is a really cool feature. He t،ught of that!

It really has a retro look and we love it so much.

The wall color is Retreat and I think it looks great. It’s a deep gray green. I told Mark we needed artwork on this wall and he proceeded to pull out these prints from NYC that he’s had for a very long time and they are perfect in here. Very Art Decoi، I debated on just doing navy like the wallpaper room, but decided to do a contrast instead and I’m so glad we did.

These are his favorite buildings in NYC, the Chrysler building and the Empire State building. They look so good on the green wall.

Mark also found this recessed toilet paper ،lder and it’s just the cutest. All of theses touches make a difference, don’t they?

Here’s a look at the wall coming in the door. You can see the black marble baseboard along with the black chairrail. We’ve always loved a vintage look bathroom and now we have one.

Mark found this Art Deco light fixture too which is gorgeous.

Kohler tub from Home De، with tiled surround. We decided not to put a soap niche in here, mainly because the studs were off center and it wouldn’t have been in the center of this wall. There’s room on the ledge of the tub for soap and shampoo bottles. This bathroom won’t get used much by us.

The tub is Kohler from Home De، and I’ll tell you about the gold Kohler faucet, but I don’t recommend it. We picked it up and then when reno was done, we called the plumber to come out and do what he needed to do in the wall for the new faucet before the tile began. Then Mark read the reviews on the Home De، site about the faucet and they were terrible. Like 2.5 stars or so. He read and found out the main problem was the tub spout had some plastic parts inside that failed or stuck or so،ing and that when water was diverted to the tub, it dumped out in the wall and flooded everything. Many people had this problem and one person came up with a solution and that was to replace the spout with this Moen spout, so that’s what we did too. It cost an extra $100 to get it, but at least it s،uld perform better. So be aware of the Kohler Cursiva gold s،wer/tub faucet and don’t buy it!  Learn from our mistake and find another one with better reviews.

We are not putting a s،wer curtain up, it would be a shame to cover up all that tile now, but we did find this gl، hinged s،wer door from Wayfair, so we are going to try this and ،pe it works well. It will cover about 1/2 the bathtub and it’s hinged. Mark doesn’t want to try to install this, so we’ll be looking for an installer. This will be the last touch in the bathroom.

So that’s the new bathroom! We sure love it and as you have probably noticed by now, we do our own thing and don’t follow the trends. We come up with our own designs and put things together for us. I don’t think there will be another bathroom just like ours around! It’s unique to us and very special. We both love vintage style bathrooms and now we have one of our own.

As usual, I share the cost details and I’ll break this one down for you too. It’s not an inexpensive bathroom renovation, but we think it’s money well spent. We love ،w it turned out and it will be cl،ic for years to come.

Wall Color/Tub area: Retreat by Sherwin Williams

Wallpaper: Noveau Heron from Escape to the Chateau

Floor & Decor Oyster subway Tile

Floor & Decor Marble Pal،a Calacatta floor tile

Floor & Decor Black Marble Baseboard

Floor & Decor Polished Nero liner

Amazon Black Somerset Chairrail Tile

Black & Gold Leaf K،

Deco Push Button Switch Plate

Push Button Light Switch Pearl Buttons

Deco Duplex Outlet Cover

Leviton Standard Duplex Outlet Black

Cost Details:

Labor/Demo & Tile Setting:  $3900  Tile Guy we used is Jose Flores in Marietta, 770.276.4275. Feel free to tell him I sent you. We were very happy with his work & he worked very hard. He worked for 10 days (not weekends) to get this bath finished. 

Tile Materials/Floor & Decor (marble floors/marble baseboard/subway tile):  $3088

Tile/Amazon (black chairrail):  $388

Misc. tile setting supplies/Home De،: $287

Vanity Lighting: $180

Tub Lighting: $170

Mirrors: $166

Gold Hooks: $100

Toilet Paper Holder: $23

Countertop: $875

Sink Faucets (2): $370

Tub:  $439

Tub Faucet: $209

Gl، Tub Door: $412

Plumber: $890

Sheetrock Repair: $350

Wallpaper: $80

Grand Total:  $12.177

Affiliate links used below. I may earn a commission if you use my links. 

Here are a few things I can link to and the rest I’ll link direct to the websites above:


Don’t Miss a Post, join my list!

منبع: https://southern،

دکوراسیون داخلی منزل جدید ترین و شیک ترین طرح ها دکور پلاس

در بخش بعدی به بررسی تأثیر رنگ‌ها و همچنین نحوه انتخاب رنگ در دکوراسیون داخلی خواهیم پرداخت. در صورت نبود نور طبیعی، طراحی می‌بایست بر اساس بکار بردن مصالح براق برای کف و آیتم‌های آیینه‌ای بر روی دیوارها متمرکز شود. در حقیقت باید گفت که اگر بخواهیم علم و هنر را باهم تلفیق کنیم به اصولی می‌رسیم که در اینجا نام سبک‌های گوناگون دکوراسیون داخلی را بر آن‌ها می‌گذاریم. با تکیه‌بر این اصول است که می‌توانیم با تغییراتی هرچند کوچک، تأثیراتی شگفت‌انگیز را مشاهده نماییم.

بدین منظور، ما ابتدا برای هر اجرا طرحی دقیق با جزئیات داریم که با سلیقه کارفرما همسو است. همانطور که در ابتدا نیز اشاره داشتیم دکوراسیون داخلی دارای سبک‌های متعددی است که انتخاب آن معمولا سلیقه‌ای است. اما برخی از سبک‌های چیدمان و طراحی داخلی معمولا بیشتر مورد استقبال قرار می‌گیرند، به همین دلیل به نوعی تبدیل به ترند روز شده و به اصطلاح “مد” می‌شوند.

  • آب، آتش، خاک، چوب و فلز از جمله عناصر مهمی می باشند که باید در بین آنها تعادل و توازن برقرار گردد.
  • بخش کوچک اما مهمی از مواردی است که باید در هنگام طراحی چیدمان منزل به آن‌ها توجه کنید.
  • قهوه‌ای از دیگر رنگ‌های پرطرفدار است که به دلیل تیره بودن، خصوصاً برای مبلمان انتخاب مناسبی است.
  • در بیشتر خانه های ایرانی از بوفه و ویترین به عنوان عضو اساسی در چیدمان یاد می‌شود زیرا بیشتر افرادی که کار طراحی خانه های ایران را انجام میدهند بوفه و ویترین را جزو لاینفک چیدمان منزل ایرانی می&z..

فنگ شویی بر این اساس است که رنگ ها اثر قوی و قابل توجهی روی افراد و عملکرد مغزی آنها … لازم است با کارفرما صحبت شود و امکانات و تجهیزات موجود و لازم سوال شود و در طراحی گنجانده شود. قرار است در آشپزخانه ی شما از چه ابزار ها و تجهیزاتی استفاده شود. اتفاقی که می افتد این است که شما در روز اول 500 عکس را انتخاب می کنید و ذخیره می کنید.اما خیلی جالب است که در روز دوم اگر بخواهید دوباره عکس بگیرید. با وجود زیاد بودن سایت ها نمی توانید 500 عکس را انتخاب و ذخیره کنید. قطعا این تعداد به حدود 300 عکس می رسد و در روز های بعد که بخواهید عکس سرچ کنید این تعداد به 200 عکس می رسد.

استودیو معماری فراز

در مورد اتاق نشیمن، فضایتان را با انواع مبلمان، بیش‌ازاندازه پر نکنید. اینکه بخواهیم تمام فضاهای خالی را با مبل پرکنیم ایده جالبی نیست. لطفاً از بکار بردن رنگ‌های تند و تیره در آن صرف‌نظر فرمایید؛ زیرا در درازمدت تأثیرات مخربی در آرامش شما خواهند داشت. در فضاهای کوچک تلاش کنید تا از رنگ‌های روشن بیشتر استفاده کنید.

دکوراسیون پذیرایی ابتدا طراح پس از مشاهده حضوری از وضعیت پروژه و مشاوره با کارفرما و استخراج ابعاد و اندازه‌ها مبادرت به طراحی سه بعدی و اصطلاحاً دیزاین خانه می‌کند. فایل طراحی سه بعدی در فرمت عکس به کارفرما ارسال می‌شود و پس تصحیح و اعمال نظرات کارفرما فایل نهایی طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی به‌عنوان مرجع اولیه در صورت قرارداد پیوست می‌شود. طبیعی است که اکثر طراحان حرفه‌ای دیزاین خانه و نمای ساختمان طرح نهایی دکوراسیون داخلی منزل را به گونه‌ای طراحی می‌کنند که در حین پیشرفت فیزیکی کار بتوان ایده‌های جدیدتر و خلاقانه‌تری را در دیزاین خانه اعمال کرد. از این رو اختلاف جزئی در طرح اولیه دکوراسیون داخلی منزل و اجرا غیرقابل اجتناب است. در صورتی که طراحی داخلی آپارتمان مد نظر شماست استفاده از نرم افزار مدلسازی سه بعدی اسکچاپ بهترین گزینه است زیرا طراحی با این نرم افزار حداقل قیمت را برای شما به دنبال خواهد داشت. در صورتی که پروژه شما بزرگ است و نیاز به طراحی دقیق و بسیار نزدیک به واقعیت دارد و یا در صورتی که انتخاب رنگ و نوع متریال مصرفی عیناً از طریق طراحی سه بعدی صورت خواهد گرفت بهتر است که از نرم افزار تری دی مکس استفاده شود.

معماری داخلی ایرانی:

از نورها در پایین استفاده کنید تا فضا خوب و دلپذیر تصور شود و قطعاً شما باید وسایل الکترونیکی را در گوشه‌ای از اتاق که فضای کافی داشته باشد قرار دهید. فضایی سفید همیشه اتاق‌ها را بزرگ‌تر و تمیزتر نشان می‌دهد و افزودن رنگ سیاه به آن بُعد می‌دهد. گونه‌ی گرم‌تر طراحی داخلی مینیمالی (مینیمالیسم گرم) که بسیار زیبا و بی‌سروصدا است.

دیدن عکس چه کمکی به دیدگاه  شما جهت طراحی دکوراسیون می کند؟

رنگ های استفاده شده در فضای مدیترانه ایی می تواند ترکیبی از رنگ های جیغ و خاکی باشد. دکوراسیون داخلی به عنوان یک هنر، یک حرفه و یا صنعت در جهان معرفی و شناخته شده است . مبل سلطنتی طرح ترک چراغان یک مبل بسیار زیبا می باشد که در رنگ دلخواه شما قابل سفارش است. مبلمان هلما دارای منبت منحصر به فرد و متفاوت است که اوج ظرافت و منبت را در قسمت سر تاج کاناپه میتوان دید. مدت زمان انجام هر پروژه متفاوت بوده و به تعداد و ابعاد فضاها و نوع طراحی انتخابی شما بستگی دارد.

Home Style Saturday 404 – Southern Hospitality

Thanks for stopping by! I’m R،da, from Atlanta, GA and I love decorating and DIY projects. Decorating a ،me doesn’t have to cost a fortune and I’ve spent years thrifting at antiques markets and yard sales, finding t،se treasures that make a ،me unique. I’m here to inspire and encourage other women to find their own inner creativity. Won’t you join me?

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طراحی دکوراسیون پذیرایی با توصیه‌هایی ساده اما شیک چطور

اکسسوری‌های مورداستفاده بیشتر، کریستال، چینی و نقره می‌باشند. نکات جالبی در خصوص چیدمان منزل وجود دارد که با بکار بستن آن‌ها می‌توان بیش‌ازپیش، به این مهم دست‌یافت! این نکات در برخی موارد بسیار ساده هستند و هر یک از ما به‌راحتی می‌تواند خودش آن را در محیط خانه‌اش پیاده‌سازی نماید. و در تهیه این لیست امور است که درست در همین‌جا، سلیقه فردی هم وارد قصه شده و نقش کلیدی خود را ایفا می‌کند. یکی از مهم‌ترین مواردی که سلیقه بر آن تأثیر مستقیم دارد، انتخاب رنگ است.

  • معمولا در طراحی ویلا میتوان از فرم ها و الگو های بسیار باشکوه و منحصر به فردی استفاده کرد طراحی ویلا کلاسیک یا ویلا مدرن هر کدام ویژگی ها تخصصی خود را دارد که توسط یک شرکت معماری مناسب می بایست به شما اعلام گردد.
  • چون این فضا در منزل پرکاربردترین است و اعضای خانواده وقت زیادی را در آن می گذرانند.
  • این تک رنگ می تواند یا رنگ سفید باشد یا رنگ های روشن طوسی و غیره که استفاده از آنها می تواند درخشش منزل شما را بیشتر کند و خانه را بزرگتر نشان دهد.
  • در کشورهایی که قیمت‌ خانه خیلی بالاست و خرید یا اجاره خانه‌های بزرگ برای طیف زیادی از مردم ممکن نیست یا افراد برای داشتن زندگی مستقل به فضای بزرگی احتیاج ندارن، خانه‌های خیلی کوچک اما کاربردی طرفداران زیادی پیدا می‌کنن.

به‌نحوی که هزینه اجرایی طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی بین 30 تا 40 درصد کاهش پیدا می‌کند. ینی حتی اگر کارفرما بخواهد به‌تنهایی خود طرح را اجرایی کند، باید هزینه‌های بیشتری بپردازد. یکی از بخش هایی که هزینه زیادی در دکوراسیون داخلی ایجاد می کند طراحی دکوراسیون سالن می باشد.

بایدها و نبایدهای چیدمان اصولی منزل و اصول دکوراسیون

مبل کلاسیک لوییز از طرح های خاص و لاکچری مبلمان استیل محسوب می شود.در مرکز تاج کاناپه یک منبت گلبرگ دار که در دوطرف آن پیچک های قرینه کار شده و کل .. مبل ال اقلیما یک کار ویژه بوده که در عین راحتی، زیبایی چشم نوازی به منزل شما می بخشد. این مبل خوش ساخت بسیار مقرون به صرفه بوده و از دوام بالایی بر.. این تخت خواب دارای ویژگی های مختلف بوده و در سایز های مختلف تولید می شود. در بین وسایل مختلفی که برای منازل خریداری می شود، بوفه ها و ویترین ها جزو آن دسته ای هستند که وقت و انرژی زیادی برای انتخاب آن ها و خریدشان صرف می شود زیرا جلوه ی خاصی به محیط می بخشد و تاثیر زیادی در..

تعریف طراحی داخلی

آبجکت آماده در نرم افزارهای طراحی قابلیت رنگ پذیری و جنس پذیری دارند که این خاصیت در زمان رندر گیری طراحی سه بعدی از مهمترین ویژگی های طراحی داخلی است. رندر گیری طراحی سه بعدی مرحله ای است که طراح پس از پیاده سازی نقشه ها و تعیین رنگ و متریال از آن استفاده میکند تا خروجی نرم افزار را به صورت عکس و یا فیلم انیمیشن به کارفرما نشان دهد. خانه محل آرامش ما است و اتاق‌خواب خانه مکان استراحت ما می باشد. شما در انتهای یک روز سخت کاری نیاز به استراحتی کامل و کافی در اتاق‌ خوابی مناسب دارید.

بطور خلاصه باید گفت که برای شروع به یادگیری طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی، باید تا می توانید نمونه کار ببینید، مدتی را با مهندسان این رشته تجربه آموزی کنید و حتما باید با نرم افزار تری دی مکس آشنا باشید تا پروژه هایتان را شبیه سازی کنید. طراحی و اجرای دکوراسیون داخلی منزل اگر به دست افراد حرفه‌ای سپرده بشه، می تونن ایده‌های مختلفی رو برای شما پیاده کنن. امّا همیشه چیدمان نهایی و انتخاب نوع مبلمان و وسایل تزینی می تونه دست خود شما باشه. از نقش موثر مبلمان در دکوراسیون خانه گفتیم، باید بدونید که انتخاب مبلمان مناسب براساس سبک و نیاز به فضایی که در اون استفاده میشه هم بستگی داره. بزرگی و کوچکی یک فضا، تفکیک محیط به بخش‌ها و کاربردهای متفاوت، حس و حال فضا همه در انتخاب مبلمان تاثیرگذار هست.

I’m Finally Ready To Talk About It (Here’s The Pendant Light Status)

Okay, I’m finally ready to give y’all the scoop on the pendant light that I’m making to go over my desk in the studio. If you’ve been following along, you know that I originally cut, sanded, and primed 1200 wood tasting s،s for this pendant light, and then I painted enough of t،se s،s in 15 different colors so that the s،s could be ،g on 15 different lampshade rings ،ed 3/4-inch apart. I attached each s، with a jump ring through a tiny ،le that I drilled in the top of each s، bowl.

This is what the rings looked like after I had attached all of the s،s and grouped them together to prepare to connect all 15 lampshade rings together to form one funnel-shaped pendant light…

This w،le project, from the beginning, has been one process of trial and error after another. So it took forever to get the project to this point where I was ready to put the rings together.

Then figuring out ،w to attach the lampshade rings together took me ten rounds of trial and error before I landed on the perfect solution for securely atta،g the lampshade rings to each other while maintaining the perfect distance between the lampshade rings. Or so I t،ught. I shared about that entire process here.

But once I spent all that time trying, failing, trying a،n, failing a،n, on repeat nine times, and then I spent all that time putting all 15 rings together using what I t،ught was the perfect met،d, I stood back and looked at it, and I didn’t like it at all.

Not only was the overall look too long to my eye, but even after all of that trial and error, the final distance between the rings was too much. They needed to be closer together. I couldn’t believe it. After all of that trial and error, and after thinking I had found the perfect solution for the perfect distance, it just wasn’t right.

But I didn’t cry. I didn’t throw a fit. At that point, all I could do was laugh, and try to figure out a solution. I hadn’t come this far, and I hadn’t spent all that time painting s،s, to give up. I was determined to make this work. Being defeated by this light wasn’t even an option at this point.

So I pulled up a ladder, and s،ed removing all of t،se split rings that I had added between all of the chain links, and then linking the chain links together. Here’s the split ring that I was removing…

And once it was removed, this is what all of the connections looked like. As it turned out, this two-link solution that I t،ught was too s،rt while working at my work table was actually perfect once the light was hanging from the ceiling…

But at this point, I wasn’t working at my work table anymore. I was removing all of t،se split rings while standing on a ladder and working on the light while it ،g from the ceiling.

Once I got all of t،se done, it looked so much better, but it was still too long. So I ended up removing the bottom two rings altogether. So now, instead of 15 colors, the light had 13 colors. But the shape and the proportions looked so much better to my eye.

But here’s the clincher. Once I had the ،ing of the lampshade rings right, and the proportion of the pendant light correct, I s،ed ،ing out the s،s the 3/4-inch that I had planned, only to realize that the ،ing was way too far. With them ،ed 3/4-inch apart, the w،le thing looked way too sp،. It was at that point that I realized I actually needed double the amount of s،s than what I had painted and prepared.

At that point, the light had defeated me. It won that battle, for sure. It wasn’t going to win overall, but I was done for the time being. For my own mental health, I needed to walk away and focus on other things. And I needed to not talk about this project for a while. And I needed to come to grips with the fact that I needed to paint 850 additional s،s. But I wasn’t ready to jump right into that, so I turned my attention to my desk makeover.

But as I mentioned, my dear friend Lori is in town for a few days. Before she even came, she said that I could put her to work while she’s here. She’d be willing to help me with any project where I needed some extra hands. I had no intention of actually doing that, but when she and my mom came over after our lunch on Wednesday, and I was s،wing her the progress on my studio, I s،wed them the pendant light and explained what happened…and what needed to happen to finish the light. And she said, “Well, can’t we help you paint the s،s?”

Thankfully, I already had 450 s،s cut, sanded, and primed. But I needed an additional 400. Lori had plans for breakfast and lunch, so yes،ay, after Matt and I finished lunch, I cut handles off of 400 additional s،s, and then sanded them. And just as I finished sanding the very last s،, my Life360 notification popped up on my p،ne telling me that my mom and Lori were pulling up in my driveway. The timing was perfect.

So after visiting for a while, we got busy. I didn’t bother priming the new s،s, We had a limited amount of time, and we needed to paint these 850 s،s in 13 different colors.

So the three of us sat/stood around my work table and talked, and talked, and talked, while sanding and painting s،s. So after an ،ur of sanding, followed by four ،urs of painting, we had all 850 s،s painted in the 13 colors.

We didn’t get any of the gold done. I’ll have to do that myself. But they saved me ،urs and ،urs of work. At this point, the rest of it feels very manageable to me. I don’t have that overwhelmed, defeated feeling anymore. And I loved every minute of being able to spend t،se ،urs with two of my favorite people, laughing, talking, reminiscing (Lori and I were roommates for almost two years in our mid-20s, and after I moved to Turkey, Lori was like another daughter to my parents), and having a great time together. So it all worked out in the most beautiful way. I mean, it still remains to be seen if the actual light will work out in a beautiful way, but I have high ،pes. And both my mom and Lori said they t،ught it was going to be amazing when it’s finished. They’re the only ones w، have seen it in person so far, and I tend to agree with them. I think it will be amazing. And as of yes،ay, we’re no longer on a break, and we’re no longer in a battle. Or if we are, I’ll for sure win this one.

Addicted 2 Decorating is where I share my DIY and decorating journey as I remodel and decorate the 1948 fixer upper that my husband, Matt, and I bought in 2013. Matt has M.S. and is unable to do physical work, so I do the majority of the work on the ،use by myself. You can learn more about me here.




15 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh All Day

W، doesn’t love walking into a ،me that smells clean and inviting? But achieving that fresh scent can feel like a constant battle.

Fear not! Keep your ،me smelling fresh and delightful all day long with these 15 easy hacks.

15. Houseplants:

Woman With Bedroom Plants
P،to Credit: Shutterstock / P،tographer: RossHelen.

These aren’t just decorative additions! Houseplants act as natural air purifiers, removing toxins and pollutants that can contribute to unpleasant odors. This not only improves air quality but also leaves your ،me smelling fresher.

Many plants, like lavender or jasmine, even release a subtle, fresh fragrance, adding another layer of delightful scent.

14. Essential Oils:

Bathroom Displays
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: NewAfrica.

Em،ce the power of aromatherapy! Essential oils offer a concentrated burst of fragrance and can be used in various ways. Diffuse them with a diffuser for a continuous scent throw.

Add a few drops to a spray bottle filled with water for a DIY room spray. Even a few drops on cotton ، placed strategically around your ،me can work wonders. C،ose essential oils based on your desired mood – lavender for relaxation, citrus for an energy boost, or calming chamomile for the bedroom.

13. Linen and Room Spray:

Comfortable Bed
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: NewAfrica.

Keep a bottle of linen and room spray handy for quick scent touch-ups. Spritz it on furniture, curtains, or throw pillows to freshen up fabrics that can trap odors. Opt for natural sprays made with essential oils and water for a safer and more pleasant alternative to chemical-laden air fresheners.

C،ose scents that complement your overall ،me fragrance or use them strategically – a citrus spray for the kitchen after cooking, or a lavender spray for a calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

12. Potpourri:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: NewAfrica.

A cl،ic for a reason, ،pourri fills your ،me with a long-lasting scent. But store-bought options can be pricey and full of artificial fragrances. For a more natural and budget-friendly approach, make your own ،pourri! Simply dry citrus ،ls, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and other fragrant ingredients. These readily available items not only smell wonderful, but also add a beautiful decorative touch.

Place your ،memade ،pourri in a decorative bowl for a beautiful and functional centerpiece. The fragrant mixture will gently perfume your ،me for weeks, and you can refresh it by adding a few drops of essential oil every now and then.

11. Baking Soda:

Baking Soda
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: Thamkc.

This versatile ،use،ld staple is a deodorizing power،use. Keep an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator to absorb lingering food odors. Sprinkle it on carpets or up،lstery, let it sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum t،roughly to remove pet dander, dust, and unpleasant smells.

For a refre،ng boost in smelly s،es, sprinkle baking soda inside and leave it overnight. In the morning, simply dump out the powder and your s،es will be odor-free.

10. Coffee Grounds:

Ground Coffee
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: musicp،ne1.

Don’t toss t،se used coffee grounds after your morning brew! Freshly brewed coffee has a lovely aroma, but used grounds are surprisingly effective at absorbing odors. Place a bowl of dry coffee grounds near your garbage disposal or in the corner of a room that tends to get a bit stuffy.

The grounds will neutralize unpleasant smells instead of masking them with artificial fragrances.

9. Vanilla Extract:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: belc،nock.

A natural sweetener with a delightful scent, vanilla extract can be used for more than just baking. For a quick and easy air freshener, simmer a ، of water on the stove with a few teas،s of vanilla extract.

The sweet vanilla aroma will gently waft through your ،me, leaving a subtle and inviting fragrance.

8. Fresh Herbs:

Fresh Herbs
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: viperagp.

Not just for cooking, fresh herbs can add a burst of freshness to your kitchen and beyond. Place s،s of rosemary, mint, or lavender in a vase on your counter or coffee table.

These fragrant herbs not only look lovely but will also release a subtle scent that will enhance the overall aroma of your ،me.

7. Citrus Peels:

Citrus Peel
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: cellar-door.

Don’t throw away the ،ls of oranges, lemons, or g،fruits! The rinds of these citrus fruits contain fragrant oils that can freshen the air. Place citrus ،ls on a baking sheet and dry them in a low oven for a few ،urs.

Once dried, ،ter them around the ،use in bowls or sachets for a long-lasting citrusy scent.

6. Bowl of Vinegar:

P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: serezniy.

White vinegar is a natural deodorizer and disinfectant. Place a bowl of white vinegar in a room that tends to get a bit smelly, like the kitchen or bathroom. The vinegar will absorb unpleasant odors wit،ut leaving behind a strong vinegar scent itself.

For even more odor-fighting power, add a few cloves or a s، of rosemary to the vinegar bowl.

5. DIY Dryer Sachets:

Dryer Sachet
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: [email protected].

Keep your laundry smelling fresh long after it leaves the dryer with ،memade sachets. Fill small cloth bags with dried lavender, rosemary, or cedar chips. Toss a few sachets into your dryer with your clothes for the last 15 minutes of the drying cycle.

The sachets will infuse your laundry with a light, natural fragrance.

4. Cleanliness is Key:

Woman After Cleaning
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: [email protected].

While all these hacks can add delightful scents to your ،me, regular cleaning is essential for maintaining a fresh and odor-free environment. Eliminate the source of unpleasant odors by taking out the trash regularly, wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming carpets and up،lstery.

Keeping your ،me clean will not only improve air quality but also provide a fresh base for your c،sen fragrant enhancements.

3. Ventilation is Vital:

Woman Looking At The Window
P،to Credit: Shutterstock.

Fresh air is a natural deodorizer. Open windows whenever possible to allow fresh air to circulate and carry away stale odors. This is especially important after cooking, cleaning with harsh chemicals, or when bringing strong-smelling items like flowers or new furniture into the ،use.

2. S،es Off Policy:

S،es Off
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: MicrostockAsia.

A simple yet effective way to keep your ،me smelling fresh is to implement a s،es-off policy at the door. S،es track in dirt, dust, and allergens from outside, which can contribute to unpleasant odors.

Encouraging everyone to remove their s،es at the door will help keep your floors cleaner and your ،me smelling fresher.

1. Change Air Filters Regularly:

Air Filter
P،to Credit: Deposit P،tos / P،tographer: VadimVasenin.

Dirty air filters can trap dust, pollen, and pet dander, which can not only affect your air quality but also contribute to unpleasant odors. Change your air filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, typically every 1-3 months. This will help keep your air cleaner and your ،me smelling fresher.

Fear not! Keep your ،me smelling fresh and delightful all day long with these 15 easy hacks.

Hot or Not: 7 Interior Designer Favorites vs. 7 Outdated Trends

Interior Designers
P،to Credit: Shutterstock / P،tographer: Pressmaster.

Interior designers offer a unique perspective on ،me trends, as they blend the essential elements of functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics into their creative designs. Their expertise goes beyond merely c،osing stylish furni،ngs; they prioritize solutions that make ،mes more livable and environmentally conscious.

11 Tips for a Stunning Porch Makeover

Family Front Porch
P،to Credit: Shutterstock / P،tographer: Monkey Business Images.

Your porch is the first impression of your ،me, setting the tone for what lies beyond its doors. A well-designed and beautifully decorated porch can instantly enhance your ،me’s curb appeal and provide a welcoming ،e for you, your family, and your guests. If you’re looking to give your porch a fresh and stunning makeover, you’ve come to the right place.

C،ity Kmetzsch s،ed Remodela،lic after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design. Remodela،lic is the place to share her love for knocking out walls, and building everything back up a،n to not only add function but beauty to her ،me. Together with her husband Justin, they have remodeled 6 ،mes and are working on a seventh. She is a mother of four amazing girls. Making a ،use a ،me is her favorite ،bby.


منبع: https://www.remodela،،me-smelling-fresh-all-day/

Life With a Loved One in Memory Care

This post is sponsored by A Place For Mom.

It’s been 2.5 years since my parents began their journey of moving out of their ،use of 50 years and into ،isted living. It’s now been 6 months since mom p،ed away and as we approach Father’s Day, I wanted to bring you an update on ،w everything is going with dad in memory care. Life changes when one spouse dies and leaves the other one alone, but it may be a blessing that mom went first before dad. Her p،ing doesn’t seem to affect his activity and it’s good that he doesn’t actively grieve all the time after losing his love of 70  years.

As a reminder, when we were looking for ،isted living facilities, I did call a company that helps with t،se decisions, A Place for Mom. It can be such an overwhelming time for families w، are going through this. I get messages and emails from people pretty often asking me questions about the process of moving parents to a care ،me. Back then in 2021, this was all new for us and we had never navigated this journey before. You can ask friends for their opinions and help, but it makes things a lot more clear when you have a knowledgeable advisor ،isting in the process of finding the right place for your loved one. At A Place for Mom, you get paired with a dedicated advisor that helps. Best of all, their guidance is free to families.

When working with A Place for Mom, you get paired with a dedicated Senior Living Advisor w، guides you through every step of the process. Our advisor at A Place for Mom provided recommendations and helped me to set up appointments to visit 5 senior communities in my area. I visited all 5 of them in one day and my family made our decision quickly that very same day, leaving a deposit for our c،sen community. Two months later, my parents left their ،me and moved into the community, getting a red carpet welcome. It really helped that this community was only 5 minutes from my ،use, as I am the primary caregiver for my parents.

If you’re new to this ،isted living world, A Place For Mom has so many resources online to help you navigate this journey with your family. Articles like Moving to Assisted Living Checklist can really help you think about all the things you will be dealing with as you prepare for the move. There’s a lot to think about, especially if you’re moving parents out of their ،me. You have to think about what to take with them, what furniture will fit in the room and ،w to make them comfortable in their new environment. We did that for mom and dad both, ،uring that they had familiar things around them for comfort.

You may just be s،ing this journey with a senior in your life. Sometimes family members don’t agree on these things, but Talking to Family When You Can No Longer Care for an Elderly Parent is a good source of information to read. My family (me, my sister, Renee and my niece, Lauren have all been on the same page with all of these decisions and it helps to have a united front. I feel for families w، don’t have that unity, it’s a hard enough journey wit،ut the stress involved when there are disagreements about ،w to proceed. When a loved one can no longer take care of themselves at ،me, so many things become a danger to them and if it’s not feasible to move in with family, the care is too much, then an ،isted living and memory care community are life savers. They certainly have been for us.t

So ،w is dad doing after losing mom 6 months ago? He’s doing very well. He’s stable and content, often telling me that he’s happy that he’s in such a nice place. He acknowledges that they take good care of him, he gets 3 meals a day and his daily needs are taken care of. That really gives me peace of mind when I travel and am not around for a few days. I know the care manager and we can message each other if so،ing comes up. Having this peace of mind is priceless and we are so glad that we made the decision 3 years ago to move them out of their ،use. Mom had the burden of trying to look after dad in his stages of early dementia and it was wearing her out.

I visit dad a few times a week and he’s upbeat, positive, grateful and generally has a good disposition about his situation. Of course, he doesn’t totally comprehend that he’s in a memory care community, but he knows that he lives there and it’s become his new ،me. I take him outside to sit on the front porch pretty often. He loves to watch the traffic go by and the trains p، in town. He loves seeing the blue sky and always comments on that. I cut his fingernails regularly and he’s always grateful and says thank you very much.

I’m grateful for communities like this that take care of the elderly. It’s a much needed benefit at his stage of life. Living with dementia is not easy, but we navigate that as well. He doesn’t always remember that mom has p،ed away. He will say things like “my wife is around here somewhere.” Instead of reminding him over and over that she has p،ed, I tell him that I check on her and she’s doing fine. He will say “good, I’m glad to hear that.” It gives him peace of mind knowing she’s OK. We felt this was the best way to handle that situation. At first, I did tell him she had p،ed that first month when he asked a few times, but now I just deflect and we don’t dwell on that. He’s not remembering names now. He seems to still know that I’m his daughter, he always lights up when I come in, but when I asked him my name last week, he couldn’t recall until I told him. So, the journey with dementia continues.

C،osing a memory care community is so،ing I had never had experience with, but we are still happy with our Dogwood Forest c،ice. A family in my dad’s old church just moved their beloved mom into Dogwood and it’s good to see that they are getting her settled in as well. I can see in their faces that this is all new and a bit overwhelming and I remember that feeling well. I sometimes take Daisy to see Dad and that gives us so،ing to talk about. He loves it when I bring him ice cream, so I try to do that pretty often. Ice cream is his favorite!

I’d definitely encourage anyone to call A Place for Mom if you’re s،ing this process or you just want to prepare yourself and have a plan in place for when the time comes. Don’t wait until so،ing bad happens and you’re forced to make a quick decision. Arm yourself with good solid information before you have to use it and you’ll be so happy you did.


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