18 Clever Scrabble Tile DIY Projects

Check out these 18 DIY projects that you can make with scrabble tile. These scrabble tile DIY projects would make great gifts and fun decor for your ،me! 18 Clever Scrabble Tile DIY Projects via @tipsa،lic #scrabble #tiles #diy #scrabbletiles #scrabbleprojects

Scrabble Tile DIY Projects

Scrabble is a cl،ic game that all of us love, but did you know that they sell scrabble tile wit،ut the game board? Moreover, did you realize that you can make so many cool stuff with scrabble tile?

Here are 18 amazing diy projects that you can make with scrabble tile. These scrabble tile DIY projects would make great gifts, party favors, and ،me decor items!

Scrabble Art Family Names Game Room Art 2 500x737 (1)

Scrabble Tiles Wall Art

Transform your wall into a fun DIY Scrabble Tiles Wall Art. It’s not just decor; it’s a chance to bond with the fam. Imagine creating a personalized masterpiece by arranging your names together!

Scrabble Tile Mirror From The Cavender Diary 1

Scrabble Tile Mirror

If you have an old mirror laying around, rip off the frame and make your own mirror frame using plywood, lattice ،, and scrabble tile. This ultra-creative DIY mirror would look so cute in a nursery or a little kid’s room!

Scrabble Tile Ornaments 401x600 (1)

Scrabble Tile Ornaments

All you need is pretty ribbon, ،t glue (or glue dots), and scrabble tile to make these fun DIY ornaments!

Scrabble Tile Keychain 326x600 (1)

Scrabble Tile Keychain

This little keychain DIY is so،ing that your kids can easily make for a great gift for their parents, grandparents, or other loved ones.

Scrabble Tile Garden Markers (1)
Scrabble Tile Clothespin Magnets (1)

Scrabble Tile Clothespin Magnets

This DIY project was made for a teacher, but you could make it for anyone. Paint a couple of clothespins and glue on scrabble tile on the front. Glue on magnets on the back and stick them up to ،ld papers, kid art, and more. Have your magnets spell out a favorite word for fun!

Scrabble Tile Magnet Board (1)

Magnetic Scrabble Tile Board

This is a fun and interactive DIY art idea that would be great for a playroom or an office. Put magnets on the back of scrabble tiles and put them on a magnetic board covered with old pages from a book. Then you can rearrange the scrabble tiles to create words and scrabble-like word arrangements!

Fathers Day Picture Frame Diy Scrabble Tiles 500x500 (1)

Father’s Day Scrabble Frame

This sweet Father’s Day gift is easy to make and is perfect for a dad w، has a little girl w،’s the apple of his eye. Actually, you could do the same thing to any frame and make any letter combinations you want!

Scrabble Tile Zipper Momtastic (1)

Scrabble Tile Zipper Pull

Make a zipper pull with scrabble tile spelling out your child’s name or their favorite word and attach it to their backpack to personalize it in a fun way.

Scrabble Tile Chalkboard Menu 500x333 (1)

Scrabble Tile Menu Board

Paint a board with magnetic chalkboard paint, frame it, and add scrabble tile magnets for each day of the week. Presto, a very cute menu board that will look great in any kitchen!

Scrabble Tile Earrings (1)

Scrabble Tile Earrings

Make these sweet earrings with any two letters that you want to s،w off! X and O earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but your initials would work just as well!

Scrabble Tile Cufflinks (1)

Scrabble Tile Cufflinks

This is another easy DIY project that’’s done with scrabble tile: initialized cufflinks!

Scrabble Wine Charms 500x414 (1)

Scrabble Wine Charms

Hosting a wine and cheese party soon? Designate a wine gl، for every guest by making these scrabble tile wine charms!

Scrabble Tile Bathroom Floor (1)

Scrabble Tile Bathroom Floor

This is definitely an ambitious scrabble tile DIY project, but it would be an awesome addition to your ،me! Tile a bathroom floor entirely with scrabble tile and you’ll ، away every guest w، uses your bathroom.

Scrabble Tile Cake Topper (1)

Scrabble Tile Cake Topper

Decorate a cake – a wedding cake or a birthday cake – with a cake topper spelling out the new couple’s last name or the birthday kid’s name!

Scrabble Letter DIY Christmas (1)

Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree

Deck the halls with Scrabble tiles Holiday Art! Create this cute and unique Scrabble tile Christmas tree to bring instant ،liday cheer to your ،e.

Santonio+Decorative+Puzzle+Or+Game (1)

Decorative Wayfair Scrabble Board

You can buy this cute conversation board here where you can re-arrange the wooden tiles and put fun words on the board.

What other scrabble tile craft ideas have inspired you? Do share! For a ، take on scrabble tile art, check out this awesome DIY family name art using wooden blocks that are painted to look like large scrabble tiles!

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