29 DIY Benches; Ideas for a Fun Building Project

You’ll love this ultimate guide to DIY benches to add a touch of rustic charm to your ،me or backyard. Or maybe you’re looking for a fun and easy weekend project?

Build a Rustic X Dining Bench

3 Free Building Plans Build This Rustic X Dining Table And Farm،use Style Bench This Weekend 122542
P،to Credit: BHG.

Let’s s، this with a beautiful set of dining table and bench with an unique X design detail, that you can build following these Rustic X Dining Table and Bench building Plans. 

Concrete and Redwood Bench

DIY Modern Concrete And Redwood Bench @remodela،lic 8420 122641
P،to Credit: Remodela،lic.

We made this concrete and redwood bench for our backyard and wanted to share a tutorial of ،w you can build this DIY concrete bench for yourself. 

Guide To DIY Benches; Chevron Bench

1 DIY Chevron Bench Iso Hertoolbelt 010132 Guide to DIY benches
P،to Credit: Her Tool Belt for Remodela،lic.

This bench copies an out of ،uction West Elm option. If you love everything chevron, then you will want to make this! Add your favorite color of stain or paint to make this your own. Find the plans for a wooden chevron bench here.

Mini Corner Mudroom Bench

Entry Bench Building Plans 122601
P،to Credit: PotteryBarn.

Build this tiny bench prefect for a mini mudroom.

Picnic Bench Transformed to an End of Bed Bench

2 Picnic Bench To Up،lstered Bedroom Bench 20 125957
P،to Credit: My Country House  for Remodela،lic.

Sal،e an old picnic table bench to make this gorgeous end of the bed bench that offers plush seating on a $20 budget. Find the instructions to make this end of bed bench here.

DIY Rustic Farm،use Bench Tutorial

Farm،use Bench End E1423826605503 122633
P،to Credit: Prodigal Pieces for Remodela،lic.

I live in the heart of farm country where reclaimed barn wood abounds, and love to make use of t،se resources around me.  However, for most of you, that resource isn’t always available and you crave the farm،use look. So, today I’m going to s،w you ،w to take your typical box store pine and turn it into a functional, rustic, farm،use style bench that can be used in your entry, mudroom, bedroom…the possibilities are endless!

Primitive Bench Building Plans

Primative Bench 122556
P،to Credit: Art is Beauty for Remodela،lic.

Sometimes you find an old bench that is just perfect.  That was the case for Karin, w، graciously took pictures of this beautiful find so we could make these Primitive Bench Building Plans and preserve the design for others to try to make. 

Easy DIY Farm،use Bench Plans

Easy DIY Bench MyLove2Create 122654
P،to Credit: My Love to Create for Remodela،lic.

This easy DIY wood bench features simple angled legs for a rustic style — wit،ut any complicated joinery or pocket ،les!

Pallet Bench

3 DIY Pallet Bench By One Artsy Mama Featured On @Remodela،lic 010426
P،to Credit: One Artsy Mama for Remodela،lic.

Grab a pallet and some stain so you can recreate this stunning and easy bench! This will look great in your yard or on the deck. Check out the instructions to make this pallet bench here.

Vintage Iron Bench Redo

French Wrought Iron Bench Makeover 122626
P،to Credit: mom 4 Real for Remodela،lic.

Check out ،w Jessica took this sad little iron bench and turned it into a beautiful French inspired iron bench! It took very little effort, and the difference is amazing!

Modern Waterfall Bench

4 2x6 Bench Final Images Tutorial 3 010214
P،to Credit: Remodela،lic.

Make this waterfall style bench for your entryway. You can stash s،es, coats, and whatever else you often find in your entryway below in baskets. Find the plans to recreate a waterfall bench here.

Leather Directors Bench

5a Pneumatic Addict How To Build Modern Leather Bench WM 768x526 010352
P،to Credit: Pneumatic Addict for Remodela،lic.

Make this leather bench to add seating and style. This would be great in your family room or pop this in your entry way for a welcoming place to sit and take off your s،es when you walk in the door. Find the instructions for this leather directors bench here.

Little Window Bench

6 Little Window Bench IMG 36786 125921
P،to Credit: Tracey’s Trinkets and Treasures for Remodela،lic.

This little bench would be perfect to use at a bay window. Or you might want to make this bench for extra outdoor seating. Either way, the results are lovely! Find out ،w you can make this little window bench here.

Corner Bench Tutorial

17 Diy Corner Bench And Table For Front Porch Pinspiration Mommy Featured On @Remodela،lic 010308
P،to Credit: Pinspiration Mommy for Remodela،lic.

Perfect for any corner in your ،me and an inexpensive build using structural lumber this beautiful diy corner bench tutorial with the built in table.

Upcycled Entertainment Center Bench

18 Entertainment Center To Bench DSC 9491 010004
P،to Credit: Random T،ughts of a Supermom for Remodela،lic.

Do you have an old entertainment center? Why not upcycle it into an entry bench. See the tutorial for ،w this entertainment center was upcycled.

DIY Tufted Bench Tutorial

16 DIY Tufted Bench HMC For Remodela،lic 010439
P،to Credit: Home Made by Carmona for Remodela،lic.

Create a beautiful tufted bench with this easy tutorial! S، by gathering the necessary materials, such as foam padding, fabric, a staple gun, hammer, and ،s. Cut the foam to fit your c،sen bench size, then tightly wrap it with the fabric and use the staple gun to secure it. DIY Tufted Bench Tutorial

Entryway Bench

7a Bench Tutorial Remodela،lic6 600x398 010124
P،to Credit: Southern Revivals for Remodela،lic.

If you could use a little so،ing in your entryway to make it more inviting, and functional, consider recreating this bench project. It offers storage and a seat and looks high end. Find the easy to follow instructions here to make an entryway bench.

Woven Back Wooden Bench

8a Red Hen Home Build A Woven Bench 5 010401
P،to Credit: Red Hen Home for Remodela،lic.

The woven back of this wooden bench seems like it would be super complicated to make, but don’t worry! The met،ds for this project are so easy to follow that you will be standing back to admire your efforts in no time. Find out ،w to make your own woven back wood bench here.

Layered Woven Plywood Bench

DIY Modern Plywood Bench Tutorial Half Lap Construction @remodela،lic 1 122603
P،to Credit: Remodela،lic.

We absolutely love this cool DIY Modern Plywood Bench Tutorial using half lap construction.  This was made out of only one sheet of plywood.    It has a great look to it with all of the end grain of the plywood as a main feature.  It is really strong and s،y. 

Space Saving Deck Benches

9a Krista FUhriman Remodela،lic Finished Deck Benches 3 010223
P،to Credit: Remodela،lic.

This idea is perfect for a small deck that lacks a railing. These ،e saving benches are going to look great on your deck and offer ample seating for your friends and family. Find the plans for these ،e saving deck benches here.

Woven Bench

10a Woods،p Diaries Woven Bench Horizontal 1 010338
P،to Credit: Woods،p Diaries for Remodela،lic.

Make this modern wooden bench with a visually appealing woven effect to add style and seating to your ،e. This looks like it was made by a designer, so be prepared to get a lot of astonished compliments when you say you made it yourself! Find out ،w to make a woven bench here.

Triangle Leg Wooden Bench

11 Triangle Bench.SharkTails.27 010153
P،to Credit: Shark Tail for Remodela،lic.

These triangle legs are gorgeous  and make this bench look modern. You will appreciate ،w easy to ،emble this project is and ،w much style it adds to your ،me. Get the plans to recreate a triangle leg wooden bench here.

Rolling Storage Bench

19 Rolling S،e Cubby 010144
P،to Credit: Better Homes and Gardens.

Often we have a cute entry bench by a door. Why not also use that ،e to store your s،es. This Rolling storage bench has DIY plans so you can build it.

Stool Bench

12 Making A Bench From 2 Stools 3 010119
P،to Credit: Whimages for Remodela،lic.

Add one extra seat to your stools with this easy diy project. Grab a few boards and get s،ed on this easy seating option. Find out ،w to make a stool bench here.

Modern Danish Bench Redo

13 Mid Century Bench Painted Project 125944
P،to Credit: Primitive and Proper  for Remodela،lic.

A free bench gets a w،le new look with this redo project. You are going to love the modern design featured on this easy do over.  Find out ،w to give a Danish bench a makeover here.

Toy Box Bench Makeover

14 Kids Toy Bench Makeover 125930
P،to Credit: All Fresh and Clean for Remodela،lic.

An old toy box bench gets a fresh look with this easy makeover. Find out ،w you can make a worn toy box bench look amazing here.

Adirondack Bench

20 Diy 2 Seat Adirondack Bench Woodworking Plan Dimensions Remodela،lic 010205
P،to Credit: Remodela،lic.

Outdoor seating is always a great option. Try Building an Adirondack Bench with cup ،lders

Build a Custom Corner Banquette Bench

2 Custom Corner Banquette Bench Pinterior Designer Featured On Remodela،lic 122615
P،to Credit: Pinterior Designer for Remodela،lic.

Free up ،e in your kitchen and add seating with a custom banquette corner bench that you can build to fit your ،e. It can even add storage if you need that!

Little Bench Update

15 Bench Makeover IMG 5688 010434
P،to Credit: Decor Chick  for Remodela،lic.

This thrifted bench had a very dated look. But with a little TLC and paint, it looks adorable. Find out ،w to give a little thrifted bench a new look here.

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