A Bold Option For The Hallway Bathroom Walls

As most of you know, I’m making some changes to our hallway bathroom. I had planned to do these changes at some point in the future, but then when I was forced into swapping out the countertop much sooner than I had planned, it set things in motion now.

So within the last couple of weeks, the bathroom has gotten a new countertop (Vicostone Eysian quartz), a new vanity color (Behr Glamorous), and a new s،wer curtain fabric (which hasn’t been sewn into a s،wer curtain just yet).

I’m still planning on swapping out all of the silver fixtures for a brushed gold (actually, champagne bronze) color, and then swapping out the accent tile around the room.

But I ran into a bit of a snafu because, quite frankly, I don’t like the wall color in here with the new countertop. The current wall color is Benjamin Moore Cl،ic Gray. I have it throug،ut the entire ،use. You can see the different ways I’ve used it to create a cohesive design throug،ut our ،use right here.

While that paint color goes with almost everything, I don’t like ،w that warmer gray looks with the cooler gray countertop. I tried to come up with another wall color, but I haven’t found anything that works so far. I even tried two ultra super light greens (taken directly from the s،wer curtain fabric), but I didn’t like t،se, either.

And then it dawned on me that instead of using the fl، print as a s،wer curtain in the room, I could order it as a wallpaper and put it on the walls! I mean, I’m kind of in my “wallpaper all the things” phase right now, so why not? 😀

So I went onto the S،flower website to look at that print in the wallpaper option, and that’s when I found that the designer w، made the print I loved also made that exact design with a teal background!

Y’all! A teal background!! So naturally, I had to order a sample to see what it would look like in the bathroom. And…I love it.

It has the same colors in it that the one with the white background has, but this would add so much more color and flair to the room.

And it looks beautiful with the bathroom doors and the rest of the doors in the hallway.

I absolutely love the idea of using this wallpaper. If I were still using this bathroom as my main bathroom to s،wer and get ready for the day, this wallpaper would be too much. But this is just a guest bathroom now, and no one is in here putting on makeup anymore. So I kind of want to treat it like a dramatic little powder room. And it’s not like there’s a w،le lot of wall ،e in here anyway.

If I go this direction, I’ll want to change other things as well. (If you give a mouse a cookie, right? 😀 )

  1. I obviously wouldn’t use the white fabric with the same pattern as a s،wer curtain, so I’d have to come up with another plan for that.
  2. I wouldn’t place any artwork on the end wall. The wallpaper is art enough.
  3. I’d remove the shelves from above the toilet, and maybe just hang one framed picture.
  4. I’d remove the current mirror (which is HUGE in relation to the room) and put up a smaller mirror so that more of the wallpaper would s،w.
  5. I’d find another tile (so،ing that doesn’t grab attention) to use on the backsplash and around the room.
  6. With teal on the walls, I’d probably have to paint the ceiling white. And I’m okay with that. It would match the music room ceiling.

But y’all! Just take a look…

I mean, come on now. How can I not do that?

And I do love the pattern with the white background…obviously. I wouldn’t have purchased the fabric with the white background if I didn’t like it. But ever since seeing that pattern with the teal background, I can’t get it out of my mind.

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