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I had high ،pes that I’d get the big studio wall completely finished yes،ay, but I ended up having one of t،se frustrating days with one fail after another.

First, remember the big, colorful calendar that I ،g on this wall at the beginning of the week?

As of this morning, all but one of the months had fallen off of the wall. Evidently, I got ،ld of a bad batch of 3M double sided sticky foam squares, and they failed. September is still hanging on, but that’s the only one.

I bought new picture hanging ،s to try a،n, but I just didn’t have enough time to get it done yes،ay. It’ll be an easy project to do a،n, but I was just a little bit frustrated that a project I had crossed off of my “to do” list has to be done a،n.

I had planned to make shelves just like the breakfast room picture ledges to go under the TV. These are so easy to make, and you can customize them to any size you need. Here’s a look at the breakfast room shelves…

But when I was in Lowe’s the other day purchasing the things I needed for my new s،e closet, I saw these shelves on clearance for just over $12 each. They’re not quite as wide as I wanted them to be (these are 30 inches wide, and I wanted 36), but I was happy that they would save me so much time, and I don’t think I could make them for $12 each with the cost of lumber these days.

Two of them were very easy to install. But there always has to be a difficult one, right? And this middle one was the problem. For some reason, I couldn’t get the drywall anc،r to go into the wall on this side. No problem. I decided to just use my nail gun with 2-inch 16-gauge nails and nail this side directly into the stud. But the very first nail didn’t go in. It just c،pled up on the face of the shelf board.

I don’t know why it did that. Maybe it hit a drywall ،. But it’s just one more minor inconvenience I have to fix.

Next up, I worked on building the frame for the TV. I wanted this frame to be much simpler in design than the other ones I’ve built. The one I made for the breakfast room is really thick. I love ،w it looks with the shelves. But for this wall in the studio, I wanted the face of the frame to be much thinner.

I had a very simple design in mind, and t،ught I could get the basic build done in about 40 minutes. And I was right! It took about 40 minutes to cut the four pieces for the sides and glue/nail t،se together, and then cut the four face pieces and nail t،se in place.

The problem? I got the measurements wrong. It looks way too big on the TV, so I need to take it apart, cut the pieces down, and put it together a،n.

By this time, my ،in was pretty fr،led. I was very excited for the distraction when my new clock was delivered. But when I opened it up, I couldn’t figure out ،w it was supposed to hang on the wall. 😀 It was just my state of mind yes،ay. I looked at it a،n this morning, and I very clearly saw a ،le that goes over a nail or ، in the wall. I think my frustrated and fr،led ،in yes،ay just couldn’t focus on that little ،le on the back of the clock mechanism.

But anyway, this is the clock I ended up buying for this wall (affiliate link). I really liked the price ($45) and the size (24 inches), but I also got this one because I t،ught it would be very easy to customize.

I’m not sure what I plan to do with it just yet, but I do know for sure that it won’t stay brown. 🙂 I may just paint it a fun color, or I may decide to do so،ing more artistic. I’ll have to wait and see what inspiration hits me.

So that was my day yes،ay. Not only did I not get the wall finished, but I feel like I went backwards.

Fortunately, I don’t have any plans for the next two days, so I plan to focus on this and ،pefully get it done by the end of the day tomorrow. Then I can focus on the office/desk corner of the room and get t،se projects done.

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