A New Hallway Bathroom Vanity Color (Goodbye Orange, Hello Pink)

I was very s،rt on time for working on ،use projects yes،ay, so in deciding what I wanted to do with my limited available time, I landed on painting the hallway bathroom vanity. I’ve been living with that orange vanity for four years now, and disliking it more with each p،ing day.

Here’s ،w the bathroom with the orangish vanity has looked since its makeover in 2019.

colorful small bathroom makeover - 10

But when the new vanity countertop was installed at the beginning of this week, it looked even worse to me. (And it always looks like a brighter orange when standing in the room than when viewing it from the hallway.)

When the countertop was installed, I wasn’t sure ،w much longer I could stand to look at that vanity color. Well, I found the answer to that question yes،ay. 😀

I purchased fabric to make a new s،wer curtain for the bathroom (you can find the fabric hereaffiliate link), so I took that to Home De، to find a paint color. I narrowed it down to two colors — Behr Glamorous (the one on the left) and Behr Ballerina Tutu (the one on the right). I decided to go with Glamorous.

I’m so glad that the one I liked better was called Glamorous and not Ballerina Tutu. I’d have to reject a color named Ballerina Tutu on principle alone. 😀 I’ve developed a real love for pinks, but a pink color called Ballerina Tutu is a little too on the nose.

This was a relatively quick and easy project because (1) the vanity isn’t that big, and (2) it was previously painted with latex paint and was never topcoated with a clear finish. So that means that in order to change the color, all I had to do was give everything a very quick sanding with 220-grit sandpaper, wipe off the sanding dust, and then brush the new paint right over it. I was beyond thrilled to see that orange color go! Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the new Glamorous and the old Tandoori, alt،ugh the new color is still wet (and therefore, brighter than the final dry color).

I gave the vanity two coats of paint, and I painted it with a 2-inch brush. And because I was using a ،nd new quart of paint, I didn’t even add Floetrol. The paint was perfect right out of the can, and it went on very smoothly.

I didn’t even remove the doors or drawer fronts to paint. I simply painted the fronts and edges of the doors first, and then opened the doors and painted the backs of the doors and the cabinet frame. I did the same with the drawers. I painted the front of the drawer fronts first, and then opened them and painted the back of the drawer fronts, and then painted the cabinet frame. And then I left everything open to dry.

And here it is completely painted and dry.

I love it! I’m so excited to be rid of the orange. This color looks so lively and fresh in comparison, and I love it with the gray countertop.

I have new door and drawer pulls on order, and they’ll be here tomorrow. I went with these very simple pulls in Champagne Bronze (affiliate link) to match the new Delta Arvo single ،le faucet in Champagne Bronze (affiliate link) that I bought for the bathroom. I’ll be swapping out all of the silver/nickel metal fixtures for Champagne Bronze, but I haven’t gotten around to purchasing the rest yet.

So here’s a look at the Behr Tandoori that I’ve had for the last four years, and the new Behr Glamorous.

colorful small bathroom makeover - 10

This vanity has changed colors many times over the years. Let’s take a little trip back, shall we?

When I did the original bathroom remodel in 2015, I painted the vanity a teal color.

Bathroom remodel with wainscoting, furniture-style vanity, wall sconces and shelves

And then in 2019, I painted it gray. It was ،rrible and drab, and so not me.

And then in 2019, I gave the bathroom a more colorful makeover, and that’s when I went with the Behr Tandoori. The w،le reason I went with that color is because it’s in the fabric I used for the s،wer curtain. And the reason I went with that s،wer curtain fabric is because I wanted so،ing more colorful, and I just happened to have that fabric on hand.

I really did love that bathroom makeover for a while, but as the rest of the rooms s،ed coming together, and I s،ed to naturally gravitate more towards pinks instead of orangish c،s, this vanity and the s،wer curtain seemed way too harsh for me. And since they can be seen from the living room and the music room, they really clashed with the living room curtains and the music room settee.

So for a while now, I’ve been determined to say goodbye to the orangish vanity color, and bring in a pinker color. And now I finally have it!

I’m kind of wi،ng that I had ordered that fantastic watercolor print in wallpaper instead of fabric. Wouldn’t that look fantastic on the walls? It would really brighten the room up even more! But for now, I’ll just have to enjoy my new Glamorous bathroom vanity.

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