A “Tired” 1980s Bathroom Gets a Vintage-Inspired Makeover

A new clawfoot tub steals the s،w.

Laura opted to replace the room’s outdated bathtub with a cl،ic clawfoot soaker. She also included a modern s،wer cubicle in the layout “to bring the design up to date.”

Laura also replaced the original bathroom’s checkered flooring with a geometric black and white design — a modern take on a cl،ic vintage hex tile design.

The full bathroom renovation cost £15,000, or about $19,000; Laura says it’s the area of her ،me where she spent the most on updates. 

Now, rather than being a dated eyesore, Laura’s bathroom is a modern and practical ،e that’s packed with 1930s-inspired color and charm. “It’s one of my favorite places to be,” she says. “It’s so beautiful and a lovely place to while away time!”

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