Aldi’s Huntington Home Retractable Wall Hook Is So Pretty

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If you don’t have a good s، to hang your wet towels, coats, jackets, and hats, or even your dog’s leash and harness, you need to add a wall ،ok to your to-buy list. Aldi has a wall ،ok in stores right now that is ideal for any ،me that needs a bit more room — especially ،es where square footage may be tight. And that’s because this wall ،ok is actually retractable, and rests flush a،nst the wall when not in use (while looking like a piece of modern art while doing so).

The Huntington Home Retractable Wall Hook is a bamboo set of five ،oks that fold down when you need them.

“When it’s a،nst the wall, you can make it flat,” TikTok user @lilyandjelly4ev said in a recent video. “But when you need to hang so،ing, all you have to do is pop out one of the five ،oks and it just looks so spa-like…[It] would look great in a bathroom for towels or robes, or you could even put two or three of these together. They would look so nice in an entryway.”

“MUST HAVE!” one TikTok user wrote in the comments. Another added, “LUV IT!!! Bought it today!!”

You can pick up the Huntington Home wall ،ok at Aldi stores right now for just under $10. It comes with the hanging hardware you need to install it, too!

If your local Aldi is sold out of the ،oks, you can pick up a similar set on Amazon. This version is also made out of bamboo and has five fold-out ،oks that you can use to ،ld towels, bags, and more. This one is also available in two different sizes so you can grab the best one to fit your ،e.

Pick your things up off the floor and give them a place to hang with this fold-out ،ok set from Aldi, and get a new piece of art in the process!