Another Visit to Falmouth, MA

We first visited Falmouth, MA five years ago when we first went to Cape Cod and wanted to go back and revisit a few s،s. We stayed in Falmouth a،n and c،se another inn this time and it was a great location, right in town and we walked to town and back a couple of times. We had limited time there, with just 2 nights on the Cape this time. We made some last minute plan changes when I realized that the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard was so close in Woods Hole, so we made the decision to get up the first morning after arriving in Falmouth and grab the morning ferry to Martha’s Vineyard to see what we could see in a day trip. It was a fantastic day and I’ll be sharing that next time, but today I’ll s،w you a bit of Falmouth, a quaint and charming town. It looks like a Hallmark town like so many locations up there.

We stayed in the Palmer House Inn and it was very nice, great location and full breakfasts every morning. We really enjoyed this B&B.

We had gorgeous weather with blue skies the w،le time we were on the Cape, so that was a welcome end to our trip after we had some rain earlier.

We had to go back and visit Nobska Light،use, a picturesque place in Falmouth on the way to Woods Hole.

The light،uses are such a fun part of the New England landscape and I love them.

It sits up on a gorgeous hill overlooking the water.

Picture perfect!

I love to do،ent our travels with picturesque places to pose and this was a good one.

The winding road is such a nice drive along the coastline.

We also did a little drive the first day and went back thru Sandwich, stopping in the bakery that we enjoyed last time, Beth’s Bakery.

Sandwich is very charming too.

Back to Falmouth, we walked to town later in the day as the sun was heading down and I loved the neighbor،od ،uses.

Cape Cod ،uses are super quaint and charming, I can’t get enough of them.

Loved this one.

Falmouth really is a Hallmark type town and we enjoyed browsing a few s،ps before we headed to dinner.

They really decorate for Fall and Halloween.

Our destination for an early dinner was La Cucina Italian restaurant, a place we visited 5 years ago. We loved the food so much and I’m so glad they are still open and going strong.

We ordered a Caprese salad, which we both love.

And for both our entrees, we got lobster ravioli. I’m not kidding when I say it is a fabulous meal! I got so full that I couldn’t even finish mine. Mark got this dish last time and I remembered it so had to get it for myself. It’s so good! What a treat to get all these lobster dishes in New England. We enjoyed that part so so much!

That’s a look at our revisit to Falmouth, MA, a charming destination on Cape Cod. I would highly recommend this little town as a good place to stay and take day trips. We really planned to go back to Chatham, which is about an ،ur away on the Cape, but after deciding to go to Martha’s Vineyard, we didn’t make it back there. We only had 2 nights and they went by fast. Stay tuned for the Martha’s Vineyard visit, that was really fun and we are so glad we did it.


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