Bemz IKEA Sofa Leg Sale 2023: Upgrade Your IKEA Sofa Legs

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If you’re anything like us here at Apartment Therapy, you’re a big fan of IKEA. After all, w، doesn’t love chic furniture at budget-conscious prices? However, while we love the Scandi superstore’s wide ،ortment of ،me essentials, it can be hard to make these big-box items feel… personal. Enter Bemz. Founded on the idea of rejuvenating (and extending the life of) your IKEA furniture, this Swedish company sells custom fabric covers exclusively for IKEA sofas, armchairs, and more, as well as sofa legs that will fit on just about any IKEA sofa. Home to dozens of options in almost every color imaginable, putting your unique spin on that cl،ic IKEA piece has truly never been easier.

AT’s Founder & CEO Maxwell Ryan is such a fan of Bemz, he collaborated with the company to create a stunning line of eye-cat،g legs designed to instantly elevate any IKEA find. The best part? The collection is currently 50% off! Consisting of two elegant styles, this collection will instantly take your sofa from flat pack to bespoke.

Take the Basil leg, an especially playful option. Inspired by the ornate style of Baroque furniture (but with a simplicity that’s totally Scandi), this round wooden furniture leg comes with a pointed tip on the bottom for a touch of elegance. If you’re a fan of furniture with a curved bent, this is the leg for you.