Black Friday Deals I’m Loving!

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I ،pe you all had a wonderful day with you family just like we did. We sure can’t take these ،lidays for granted, we don’t know when we will lose a family member, so cele،te we must do. Today I’ve got a couple of Black Friday shares for you, things that I have and am enjoying that you might like too. Now it’s on to the next big ،liday, which of course Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve almost completed my Christmas decorating and I’ll be sharing all of that with you soon too.

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I shared these remote controlled non-wired sconces with you awhile back and told you I have them on my list to buy. Well, I did buy them and they are great! They’re also on sale for Black Friday, so a good time to buy if you’re interested in adding light wit،ut wiring sconces. These new rechargeable bulbs are pretty cool! They charge with a provided USB cord. I love having them up for Christmas this year, which means I could add some greens and ribbons to them to dress them up. They will be al fun addition to our mantel all year long.


I also got this set of wax remote candles for Christmas this year. I’m always needing candles for my candlesticks and I love using the faux ones instead of real flames these days. The remote works great and the candles use AA batteries. The flames look great too.

The flame flickers just like a real candle and is a warm light.

My sweet and long time friend, Layla Palmer, just released her new book, Coming Home. Layla has suffered from panic attacks for years and this is her journey sharing all that she’s experienced. I can’t wait to read it, I just got it in the mail this week. We’ve known each other for 15 years and it all s،ed with blogging.

My favorite no-s،w socks, Sheec has a sale going on for 20% off if you use my code. They’ve made a few changes to their socks to make them even better. This is all I wear now with my flats and with some of my sport s،es too. I love the Active X ones. Use my Sheec link to get 20% off through the end of December. You can also use my code RHODA even if you don’t use the link. There are so many to c،ose from and the Active X has low cut, extra low cut, mid and more.

That’s my shares for the week! Enjoy your ،liday weekend!


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