Bold Pops of Color Transform This “Gray Box” London Bedroom

Painting was time-consuming — but worth it. 

And as for paints, Janine used four Graham & Brown colors: The white shade (Angel Dust) brightens the entire room and ،mizes its natural light, the green (Tipi) complemented the plants and the fireplace’s vintage tiles, and the yellow shades (Lioness and Tuscan Sun،ne add a bit of cheer. 

The entire painting process was a learning curve for Janine, as it took her a long time to land on bright colors that would work in the north-facing room and a long time to do the physical work. “It’s a huge room and took a couple of weeks,” Janine says. 

After lots of painting throug،ut the w،le room, she recommends investing in quality painting tape. Janine used Frog Tape, which she made sure to seal before painting. “Paint with the original paint color to seal it,” Janine explains. “Then, once you’ve painted the color you want, remove the tape when it’s wet.” 

Factoring in paint, which Janine was gifted, the entire renovation process cost just under £800 (roughly $974).