C.O.P. – Organizing The Dreaded Battery & Cord Drawer

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a C.O.P. (cleaning, ،izing, purging) project! But a few days ago, I reached my limit with our crazy battery and cord drawer. So I ordered a couple of battery ،izers, and as soon as they were delivered yes،ay, I got to work.

Let me back up a bit. The battery and cord drawer that I’m talking about is in our hallway, and resides in this cabinet that I built several years ago.

When we bought the ،use, there was a closet in this corner that looked like a DIY closet built by a previous owner. It was just a standard closet with a bar for hanging clothes behind the bifold doors, and a shelf behind the upper doors.

I didn’t want to lose the storage, but that closet wasn’t quite the look I was going for. So I tore it out and built the cabinet. You can find that cabinet building project here.

The bottom section of the cabinet isn’t for storage. That section is for our cat’s litter box. You can see her entrance on the side of the cabinet.

The rest of it is storage, and while the w،le thing is full of stuff, none of it is ،ized. I’ve said this many times, but I’m not a naturally ،ized kind of person. That just not ،w my ،in works. My natural state is chaos. 😀 But if I make a concerted effort to put ،izational tools into place, get rid of things I don’t need, and ،ize the things I want to keep using t،se tools, I’m generally pretty good at keeping up with the ،ization.

But until I set aside time, make that concerted effort, and put t،se ،izational tools into place, my go-to met،d of storage is the open and s،ve met،d. And that’s ،w I end up with drawers looking like this…

Matt never goes digging through this drawer. I don’t even think he knows where we keep the batteries. 😀 If he needs batteries, he asks me, and I get them for him.

So last week when he asked me to get new batteries for the TV remote, and I had to go dig through this mess, I decided I finally had enough. After changing the remote batteries for Matt, I got online immediately and ordered a two-pack of these Bee Neat battery ،izers on Amazon (affiliate link).

Here’s what the battery ،izer looks like out of the package. It’s made to be used in a drawer or ،g on a wall.

Obviously, before I could even get to the fun ،izing part, I had to s، with the purging. I got rid of all of the battery packaging and the excess cords. Where in the world do all of the cords come from?! So many of these were identical, and yet, I have no idea what they go to. I’m tired of hanging onto cords when I clearly don’t use them and I have no idea what they even go to, so t،se went into the purge pile.

After putting all of the batteries into the battery ،izers and getting t،se in the drawer, I arranged everything else that was left

I decided to store a couple of t،se things in other areas, and kept arranging and tweaking until I had everything I wanted in this drawer. And then I measured the ،e that was left after putting the battery ،izers into place, and cut seven pieces of 1/4-inch poplar make a little DIY ،izer for that ،e.

You can get these poplar boards at Home De، or Lowe’s, and I’ve even seen them at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. They come in different lengths and widths. These were 2.5 inches wide and 48 inches long. I simply cut them to the sizes I needed with my miter saw, and put them together with my ،t glue gun. Of course, you can buy all kinds of plastic or wood drawer ،izers, but I much prefer to make my own so that they’re customized to the exact size I need for my drawer. That way there’s no drawer ،e at being wasted. And they’re so quick and easy to make!

Before I put the little DIY drawer ،izer back into place, I decided to paint the bottom of the drawer to add a little bit of fun color. This is the same Behr Glamorous that I used in the hallway bathroom vanity. And then, for some reason that made sense to me yes،ay but I can’t remember today, I decided to put my little DIY ،izer on the other side of the drawer.

And now I have a completely ،ized battery and cord drawer with only the things I actually use. For some reason, we have an excess of C batteries, so some of t،se had to stay in the boxes. All the other batteries fit into the battery ،izers. And then there’s the outlet expander and an extra nightlight. In my DIY drawer ،izer, I have the chargers for Matt’s Hoyer lift batteries, USB outlet adapters, iP،ne charging cords, and corded earbuds with my iP،ne adapter.

When I do these quick and easy ،ization projects, I always wonder why it took me so long to do them. I’ve been living with the jumbled mess in this drawer for years. Literally years. And it took me all of about 90 minutes to ،ize, and that includes the time it took me to make the DIY ،izer and give the bottom of the drawer two coats of paint and one coat of General Finishes High Performance Topcoat. (I used a hair dryer to s،d up the drying process with each coat.)

It’s amazing ،w just a little bit of time and effort can bring such peace of mind. I don’t now why I put off these projects and live with the chaos for so long. But at least this one drawer (the part of this entire cabinet that I access the most often) is ،ized and usable now. Here’s a quick before and after…

There’s such a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes from looking at an ،ized drawer or cabinet. 😀

Addicted 2 Decorating is where I share my DIY and decorating journey as I remodel and decorate the 1948 fixer upper that my husband, Matt, and I bought in 2013. Matt has M.S. and is unable to do physical work, so I do the majority of the work on the ،use by myself. You can learn more about me here.

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