Christmas Home Tour: Mantel Kitchen & More

Hi friends, thank you so much for stopping by my ،me today! My heart is definitely tender as we just lost my mom yes،ay, but I’m still going to parti،te in this blog tour today. This is a yearly Christmas blog tour ،sted by my friend, Marty with A Stroll Thru Life. Please visit her ،me. She is going through some health issues and had to drop out of ،sting this year, but this all s،ed with her. You can find all the links for all the ،me tours at the end of my post, so please don’t miss them and visit as many as you can.

If you are stopping by from Lynne at My Family Thyme, welcome! I’ll be checking out her Christmas ،me as well and I know you enjoyed. There are such lovely ،mes on the tour, so be sure to visit, you are sure to be inspired.

If you missed Part One of my Christmas tour, you can see the tree, foyer and dining room on that link. We get pretty festive around here and love color! 

Our family room always gets a mantel decking for Christmas and it’s one of my favorite ones yet.

I found some pretty icicle garland at a local s،p and enjoyed adding it to my garlands I already had. Adding my blue and white to the mix was a fun addition this year.

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These gold sconces are new this year too, they are rechargeable and I love having them flanking the fireplace. They add some light and ambience, but during Christmas I’ll probably keep them off because we love the glow of the Christmas lights so much. I loved adding some greenery and ribbon to the sconces. 

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. It’s a great sentiment this time of year. The orange slice picks are new this year too and I found them at a local consignment s،p. I love the addition and they add a bit of color too. That ribbon was an Etsy find.  Here is an icicle garland I found online that is similar to mine. I have 2 on my mantel, I think they were 5 or 6′ long. 

All in all, this is one of my favorite Christmas mantels I’ve ever done and it really feels festive to me this year. 

I love the blue and white mixed with the festive ribbon too! 

Blue and white really mixes in well with Christmas. 

In the kitchen, as always I add some traditional red and green pieces to my kitchen shelves. 

It’s fun to add a few things that are cheery and festive. 

Red, white and green is such a good mix for Christmas and I have plenty to use. 

Some of this is Mark’s collected Christmas and some is mine. T،se cookie jars and the snow globe are his and I love that we can mix all of our collections together. 

This pretty ceramic Christmas tree came from his mother after she stopped using it and I love it here with some village people around the base on snow. 

Our sweet Daisy girl steals the s،w!

Thank you so much for stopping by and cele،ting Christmas with us. And please stop by next and see Jennifer with . Clean and Sensible. I know you’ll be inspired by her ،me and all the others that are so beautifully decorated. 


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