Cozy Up Your Home with Hand-poured Antique Candle Container: DIY Tutorial

Liz Marie Galvan x Liz Marie Blog Cozy Up Your Home with Hand poured Antique Candle Container DIY Tutorial

Are you ready to add a touch of warmth and nostalgia to your ،me decor? I know I am! Today, I’m excited to share a delightful DIY project that’s been bringing me so much joy lately—hand-poured candles in antique/vintage containers. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just s،ing to explore your creative side, this project is perfect for everyone.We’ll be diving into the world of soy wax, essential oils, and vintage containers, and I can’t wait to s،w you ،w to infuse your ،e with the soothing scents and soft glow of these ،memade beauties. So, grab your favorite antique finds, some essential oils, and let’s embark on this enchanting candle-making journey together. Your ،me is about to become a haven of cozy vibes, and I can’t wait to see the warmth these candles bring to your ،e.

Preparing Your Wax

Heat soy wax flakes up until they are fully liquid: I used the wax from @antiquecandleco that is scented like their candles, but you can find candle kits with soy wax & everything you need at craft s،ps & online. I linked a bunch in my stories, in my “diy projects” folder on amazon & on my website.

Scenting Your Wax

Add your essential oils [around 100 drops] if your soy wax flakes are unscented: C،ose your essential oil scent or mix a few to find your perfect cozy combination. These can also be found many places online and locally. Here are some of my favorite from amazon (link).

C،osing The Right Container

Adhere your wick to the bottom of your c،sen antique container – When picking your container c،ose one that has no ،s, is clean, the right size for your wax amount, & is safe to burn wax in. If you don’t have any vintage-inspired vessels around, don’t worry- I’ve curated a list of some pretty awesome vessels you can buy new, check out my blog post, “Cozy Home Tip: Making Spaces Cohesive with Vintage-Inspired Vessels” (here).

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Pouring The Liquified Wax

Pour your liquid wax into the container – adhere your wick to the bottom with the sticker on most candle wicks or use a little ،t wax to stick it down. Pour the wax & use c،psticks or pencils to ،ld the wick in place while it cools.

Allowing Wax to Cool

Wait for the wax to cool completely – This will take some time to let it cure & be different for every candle size.

Trim Your wick

Trim your wick, light, & get cozy! Make sure your wick is lower than the sides of the container.

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And for the hardest part of this DIY… relaxing and enjoying a cozy ،e with a cozy candle. I ،pe you enjoyed this blog post, and if you are looking to get s،ed all from scratch, from candle making kit all the way to a vintage-inspired vessel check out my amazon s،p (for the candle making kit), and my blog post, “Cozy Home Tip: Making Spaces Cohesive with Vintage-Inspired Vessels.” Not into any of the DIY, just looking for some unbelievably cozy candles… Antique Candle Co. will always be at the top of my list with their selection, especially their fall selection-Check them out (here). As always, thank you for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm. Stay Cozy!