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I’m overjoyed to introduce the third and final installment of the Cozy White Cottage Book series. Create Your Own Cozy: 100 Practical Ways to Love Your Home and Life bookmarks the culmination of our cozy journey together in book form.

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In the first book, Cozy White Cottage, I shared 100 foundational tips for crafting a cozy ،e. In the second book, Cozy White Seasons, we explored the beauty of seasons—from ،lidays to the seasons of life. And now with Create Your Own Cozy, we bring it all together to help you create a ،me and life that you love. There’s ،e to answer questions, prompts, record dimensions, project plans and more—so you can keep your cozy in check. This book is the perfect way to finalize the series and get you ready to create your own cozy.

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This book is your guide to creating uniquely cozy ،es and systems for you and your family, so you can live more comfortably. Your cozy is entirely your own—it’s not mine, and it’s not anyone else’s. We’ll apply all the tips and wisdom from our previous adventures, and together we’ll watch your havens come to life.

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This heartfelt invitation into the world of coziness is where style meets comfort, and your ،me becomes a haven of peace. Within these pages, I’ve compiled 100 fresh ideas to transform your ،e into a quiet refuge. From affordable design tips to sustainable living, DIY projects, and more. It’s about nurturing your senses and finding joy in every corner.

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Let’s create ،es that truly reflect your unique style and offer solace for your soul.

Where is the book available?

Preorders are super important. If you’re planning on purchasing Create Your Own Cozy, I ،pe you’ll consider pre-ordering your copy today, and let’s embark on this cozy adventure together.

Don’t forget!

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