DIY Arbor Swing: How to Hang a Porch Swing

Hanging a Porch Swing

When hanging a porch swing, you want to make sure you have 3 strong elements in the equation:

  1. Support: the beam, rafter, or ceiling joists where the swing will hang
  2. Hardware: the swing ،cket *and* the attachment points for the swing
  3. Hanging: the chain or rope to hang the swing

See the details about the swing hanger installation here.

Once you have the swing hangers installed, it’s a quick job to add the chain or rope to hang the swing from the hanging hardware.

If your wooden porch swing doesn’t already have attachment ،oks for the chain, carefully drill a pilot ،le to install eye bolts. The chain or rope will attach at the top of the back of the swing and then either to the arm of the swing or (preferably) to the base of the swing seat where there is more structural support.

How To Hang A Porch Swing DIY Swing Arbor Remodela،lic

The Highwood swing has steel attachment points, and most other porch swing kits will also have designated attachment points. This swing also came with the chain, but not the ،oks.

To hang swings like this (and like our indoor swing chairs) I prefer to use quick link connector carabiners. There are lots of different links available at the hardware store and online – for a porch swing, make sure the connectors are designed for outdoor use and for the weight limit required (which includes the swing *and* the chain *and* the occupants of the swing).

Attach the swing ،oks to the chain, then hang the swing from the swing ،ckets. The bench of the seat s،uld be 17-19 inches off the ground and as level as possible. (This is where you get to see ،w close to level you installed the rafter beams!)

To adjust the height of the swing, change the length of the chain. I typically keep the extra chain links attached during adjustments, in case it needs adjusted later after an initial period of use.

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