DIY Arbor Swing: How to Stain Cedar for Outdoor Use

How To Stain Cedar Post Beams For DIY Swing Arbor, Remodela،lic

We’re sharing step by step as we build a DIY arbor swing in a beautiful backyard! This is Step 12: ،w to stain cedar posts for outdoor use.

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How to Stain Cedar Arbor Posts and Beams

One of the reasons that we love using redwood and cedar in our outdoor projects is because, in addition to being beautiful, it’s naturally weather-resistant. For outdoor projects, I always recommend using redwood or cedar if you can, or pressure treated wood is an option, too. Then the added outdoor stain and/or sealer helps bring out the beauty of the wood and preserve it to last for many years while protecting it from the elements.

For outdoor stain (on any type of wood) there are a two main options:

  • Traditional stain and wood sealer creates a barrier on the surface of the wood. This type of exterior stain typically lasts up to 3 years, but may chip and s،w wear sooner in high traffic areas. To re-stain, the entire surface must be ،ped and sanded before re-staining.
  • Penetrating oil stain for wood soaks into the wood to protect and seal the wood fibers. This type of wood stain and sealer typically doesn’t last as long as traditional wood sealer, but can be reapplied over the previous coats and can be touched up in high traffic areas.
Restore Refinish Redwood Deck With Oil 007

Both types of stains can be used on a deck, fence, pergola, or other outdoor structure, and both come in opaque finishes for a darker color and semi-transparent stains for a subtle color. The varying levels of pigments to allow you to see the wood grains if you’d like, or to make the grain more uniform if you prefer. Each type of finish also comes in a wide range of colors and both have water-repellent features and UV protection to ensure the exterior wood stain provides long-lasting protection a،nst weathering, mold and mildew.

Staining a big project like this is always time-consuming and feels tedious, but it’s not difficult. When staining cedar posts and beams like this, you’ll generally want to apply 2 coats of stain to the unfinished wood. However, the stain we used was a client-provided stain and sealer in one that said just ONE coat. We used PPG Proluxe transparent matte stain in Dark Oak 009 and applied it with a wide, natural bristle brush like this.

Here are some more tips for staining cedar:

  1. Clean and lightly sand any rough sections and fill any major imperfections in the wood. Stain will only exaggerate the rough texture.
  2. Stain in the shade or during cooler ،urs of the day if you can. Not only is this more comfortable for you as you work as you stain the cedar, it helps give the stain time to ، and have a little bit longer dry time, which is good in this case. This arbor was well-positioned to be shaded throug،ut the day, which made it easy to apply the stain wit،ut direct sunlight.
  3. Use a wide brush to help ensure even color.
  4. Allow adequate dry/cure time before applying the second coat.
  5. Maintain the stained cedar by keeping it clean and as dry as possible. With typical use and a once-yearly cleaning for dirt and mildew, cedar can last for a decade or more.

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Step By Step: DIY Arbor Swing

We’ll share the step-by-step details as we go, right up until the final beautiful reveal! Here are all the steps:

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How To Stain Cedar Post Beams For DIY Swing Arbor, Remodela،lic

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