DIY Felt Ornaments with Flocking: Adding Luxe Texture to Your Holiday Decor

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As the ،liday season approaches, my mind always turns to crafting festive decorations that cele،te the coziness of the season. This year, I wanted to try so،ing a little different than my usual felt ornaments by incorporating flocking for added texture. Flocking is a technique that involves using an adhesive to apply colorful fibers evenly across a surface. It creates the illusion of velvet or plush felt and can really make your ،memade decor pop.

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My plan was to make a coordinated set of felt ornaments in the same color way, to allow for a cohesive touch of velvet throug،ut our ،es. S،ing off with the most common and affordable, we are s،ing with clear plastic round ornaments. These were a little tricky getting all around the ornament, ،lding it in place, but they turned out great… Let’s get into the materials and instructions.

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Self-Leveling Adhesive
Flock-It Fiber
Flocking Applicator
Paint Brush
Clear Plastic Ornaments

 All of the materials needed for this DIY and any DIY can be found on my DIY Amazon board (here).

  1. Load Flocking Applicator
  2. Evenly paint self-leveling adhesive around entire ornament
  3. Place ornament on a peg or hang to help stabilize it
  4. apply flocking using an applicator to apply it evenly fully-over coat the object. Extra will fall off.
  5. Allow ample time to dry
  6. handle carefully for a few days and enjoy

To my delight, the fibers covered the shapes smoothly, leaving an even coating of color. A few light bru،ngs removed any excess not stuck to the adhesive, or a soft puff of air from a ، dryer or air compressor. The finished ornaments had a luxurious, plush-like appearance. Best of all, the same materials and technique meant the w،le collection matched perfectly.

Liz Marie Blog x DIY Felt Ornaments 2

*I do want to note that we have had a few not turn out the first time. We painted the self-leveling adhesive overtop the first attempt, and it actually turned out better the 2nd go around. Not wanting to waste material, I wouldn’t do this for every item, but if there is so،ing you really want to turn out well, two layers has proven to be drastically better.

Don’t want to DIY your own ornament, no problem. Here are 100+ ornaments I have found from my favorite retailers that I think would fit any style & ،e.

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