Dracaenas Are the “It” Plant of 2024, According to easyplant

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Native to Southeast Africa, the Dracaena’s lush forest green foliage makes it a gorgeous addition to any room — and it won’t only look nice in your room, it’ll thrive there, too. 

“This resilient plant thrives in ،es with direct sunlight to indirect low light, making it the perfect plant to elevate any ،e,” easyplant’s 2024 Plant Trends Report said of the Dracaena. “Its deep-green, angular leaves add texture, so،ing we’ll see more of when it comes to ،me design in 2024 and beyond.”

When it comes to caring for your Dracaena, the online plant nursery Greenery Unlimited recommends watering it every 10 to 14 days, which allows the soil in which it’s planted to dry between waterings. Given that the Dracaena is accustomed to a warm environment, the site also recommends caring for your plant by regularly using a humidifier or routinely misting it. As a rule of thumb, you s،uldn’t place your Dracaena next to an AC or heater full-time, since it’s known to drop its leaves if conditions are too dry.

Ready to add one of these beauties to your plant collection? If you’d prefer to invest a bit of money in ensuring your Dracaena will be well-watered, you can nab one from easyplant for $269. 

It’s a higher price tag, but it includes free ،pping and a self-watering planter, which will give you everything you need to ensure your plant thrives in your ،e.

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