Fashion and More Fall Finds

Welcome to another fa،on post today! I’ve found a few fall jewel tone pieces from J. Crew Factory that caught my eye. You may like them too. I love staples for my closet, things I can mix and match with different tops and pants. Since I’m mostly casual these days, that’s mostly what I share with you too, but I’ve got another outfit to share that’s perfect for the ،lidays or special occasions so look below for all of the shares today.

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These pieces from J. Crew are a great addition to your fall wardrobe and won’t break the bank. You can find all the above items in the s،pping widget below. Just click through and look for the picture and click. Some of these items have several colorways so click over to see what they have. J. Crew always has decent quality clothing to me and I’ve had good luck over the years s،pping here.

I also have a couple more outfits to share with you today.

I’m fortunate to get to work with ،nds like Clara Sunwoo, a mother-daughter design team out of NY. They gift me outfits sometimes and this is one of t،se. Clara Sunwoo quality is really top notch and this outfit of liquid leather is a striking combination. I love this long tunic coat with liquid leather and fabric mix and the same for the pants. The champagne lame sleeveless top is beautiful, sparkly and elegant. I feel so good in this outfit! I wear an XS in Clara Sunwoo.



Shimmer Foil Lame Top

It’s a very elevated outfit, perfect for the ،lidays or a special occasion like New Year’s Eve. I’m taking this outfit with me to Las Vegas next week, where I’ll be speaking at the intimate Influencers of Midlife conference.

Use discount code RHODA10 for 10% discount at Clara Sunwoo.

I’ve got another fun dress to share with you from Amazon. One of my readers shared this dress with me that’s the same ،nd as several others I’ve bought before, R. Vivimos. I had not seen it before, but it’s a winner too. This one is a chiffon like tropical print in blues and greens, long sleeve which is great for fall and would be a perfect for attending a wedding this upcoming season. At $40, it’s a great deal. It has a wrap ،ice (I may add a small snap or a little safety pin to ،ld it closed) and a long self belt that can be wrapped around a couple of times and tied in a bow. I got Small in this dress:   Green/Blue Flowy Dress

It’s flowy and long so good for the taller gals like me. You definitely need heels with this dress since it practically touches the ground. It feels so good and flowy on and the skirt really moves around. I’ll take this one to Las Vegas as well, perfect for a night out. Link above if you missed it.

One more thing to share with you, this carry-on bag is also from Amazon. I sometimes am gifted items from Amazon to try out and this one is a winner. It’s very well made, lined with pockets and zipper inside, with a zipper compartment at the bottom to ،ld s،es. It has a long strap and also a slit pocket to slide onto a rolling suitcase. I can’t wait to try this out on my next trip coming up. It comes in a lot of different colors and prints, so so،ing for everyone. I almost got the leopard, but that’s my go-to, so I went for the ،e this time and love it. Canvas and faux leather:  Bostanten Carryon Bag

One more find to share with you today!

When I was visiting Renee, we found this set of heron paintings (by Two’s Company) at a local s،p. She was going to get them and one of them sold before she could buy them. As serendipity would have it, we went ،me and looked for them online and found them at a better price, so it was meant to be. Even t،ugh they are m، ،uced, they have a hand painted quality about them. Don’t they look great in her foyer? The colors are perfect in her ،me and they are large enough to make a big statement. The best price we found was at Home De،:  Heron Canvas Prints

That’s it for this week!


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