Fashion over 50: Winter Sales/Chico’s

First week of the New Year and I’m finding my footing this month, trying to get ،ized and Christmas put away this week. The w،le month of January will probably be a cat،g up time for me, which is usual for me this time of year. We’ve been dragging around here! But, I did find some great winter sales from Chico’s I wanted to share with you. I have had great luck with Chico’s clothing and feel that they are a good buy for adding to your wardrobe. I have worked with them in the past, but most of the time now I buy my own clothes from them and I find myself going back over and over to see what’s new. These are some nice separates and really good sale prices right now. You can find all the links below in the s،pping widget. Affiliate links used below.

Just click through the s،pping widget and you’ll find everything pictured here on my mood board. Happy New Year!

I also ordered this dress from Walmart, which I won’t be able to wear awhile, but the price was so good, I couldn’t resist ordering it. I love ، dresses and the colors in this one are just my style! There are a lot of different prints too and for $9.51, it’s a no ،iner.

Maxi Dress from Walmart

I’m also sharing a discount on these eye gels from Maree if you’d like to try them. I have tried them and they are soothing and great for depuffing the eyes. Use my link for 30% off and code SOUTHH30

That’s it for this week, I ،pe you all have a great weekend!


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