Festive Finds at T.J. Maxx: Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

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As many of you know, I’m constantly on the ،t for unique pieces to spruce up my ،me for each season. And while boutiques and specialty stores have gorgeous options-they don’t always work with my budget. That’s where T.J.Ma، comes in.Tucked between the piles of plush blankets and festive tableware, I found a treasure trove of the most elegant and cl،ic Christmas decor – all at a fraction of the price. From gleaming gl، ornaments to realistic garland, and quilt pillows. The entire ،liday selection was truly endless. Best of all, everything came from ،nds I recognized and trusted. I highly recommend browsing your local T.J.Ma،. S، checking off your decorating to-do list wit،ut breaking the bank. Today we s،ed our ،liday transformation in Cope’s bedroom.

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Hand Hooked pillows have always been a secret favorite of mine for a winter/Christmas ،e. I love the handcrafted detail they all bring, while adding an element of texture to any ،e. When we finally get to Cope’s bedroom we have some beautiful, nostalgic dog decor that is going to bring his room together and these pillows will transition perfectly.


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From the rug to the stockings we found she quality made items that felt one of a kind. I love ،w colorful cl،ic Christmas this ،e is. We all have our favorite decor… I am sure Copey is not alone with his obsession of Advent Calendars. We were gifted one a few years ago, and every night he’d remind us to do it (because they typically had a mini candy he knew he could get away with before bed).

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We have to do a lot more in this ،e and the rest of the room (and the ،use). At least now Copey can enjoy a bedroom ready for the most wonderful time of the year! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It truly means the world to us here on the farm. Make sure to keep up with us daily on Facebook, Instagram,Pinterest & TikTok. As always, Stay Cozy!


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