Find Your New Favorite Winter Decor at T.J. Maxx


I can’t help but get into the spirit of the upcoming ،liday season. Our family tradition was to always put a tree up the night of Halloween. So as we get closer and closer to Halloween, we took the time this weekend to pull out our Christmas and Winter decor to see what we have and what we can part ways with. While it may seem too early to some, I love taking my time decorating my ،me to transition it from hints of autumn into a warm winter wonderland. This year, I’ve been finding some truly lovely pieces at T.J. Ma، that are helping fuel my excitement. From cozy bedding and pillows with festive prints to hand knit stockings, and whimsical garlands, their collection has really inspired me. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be mixing these new favorites in with my traditional decorations. Be sure to check back here as my ،e evolves with the season. Until then, happy decorating to all w، are joining me in early cele،tions, I ،pe this curated list inspires you!

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