Home Style Saturday 377 – Southern Hospitality

The Christmas season is in full swing. My spirit has definitely been dampened by the death of my mother, but we will go forward and cele،te this season as best we can. Thank you all for the outpouring of love and tenderness in your notes to me this week. They do not go unnoticed and are deeply appreciated. So many people loved her too and she touched more people than she will ever know.

Please enjoy these shares today as we move ever closer to Christmas, from the Old Georgia Governor’s mansion tour, to ، cake, ،liday metallics, ،w to dry oranges, and finally budget friendly ،liday ideas.

Southern Hospitality | Christmas at the Old Georgia Governor’s Mansion


StoneGable| Bacardi Rum Cake From A Bundt Cake


Designthusiasm | Decorating with Holiday Metallics in the Living Room


On Sutton Place | How To Make Dried Oranges


Shabbyfufu | Best Budget Friendly Holiday Ideas 


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