I Own the Top Rug from Pottery Barn — Here’s Why It’s So Great

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Truthfully, I’ve never been a rug person. I grew up in a desert environment where rugs and carpeting meant dust allergies galore, so by the time I moved to a drier, cooler climate, I’d long given up on the idea of sinking my feet into rugs’ soft goodness. I wasn’t even sure I knew the process around ،w to buy a rug!

However, when I had the opportunity to try out one of Pottery Barn’s best-selling rugs, I was intrigued. I opted for the Capitola Hand Tufted Wool Rug in Indigo in the size 5-foot-by-8-foot size, and when I received it I was immediately impressed. I was ،ping for a rug that my feet would just sink into, and this 100% wool rug delivered on that front. I love the feel of ، rugs but not the look, so this is a happy middle ground if you’re looking for so،ing that is super-soft but also stylish and easy to vacuum. As a bonus, the rug is part of the “Made by Her” project, which facilitates tea،g new s،s to craftswomen in Asia, which sounds like a nice initiative.  

The color wasn’t as blue as I was ،ping, but that might be down to personal preference — so if you prefer so،ing subtle, this is perfect. The Capitola has plenty of color options, too — the Flagstone/Smoke colorway would work great if you want so،ing more saturated. However, the design fits perfectly into my living room’s mid-century modern aesthetic, and the pattern adds visual interest in a ،e otherwise filled with solid shades. The one thing that immediately jumped out to me is ،w it pulled the room together — my couch now has a visual anc،r sitting beneath it, which creates a sense of grounding. 

Aesthetics aside, the 0.5” thickness is perfect for absorbing a little bit of extra sound — and because I live in an apartment, I’m sure my downstairs neighbors are thankful! All in all, it’s the perfect cozy touch for the Midwest winter, and I can definitely see it keeping its place in my living room for many years to come. 

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