Island Hopper Drink Recipe (Non-Alcoholic)

This island ،pper drink recipe is the perfect mocktail for a summer party. This exotic tropical drink is a delicious blend of sweet and citrus for kids and adults alike.

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This easy Island Hopper mocktail recipe is one that I found in a magazine a couple of years ago, then after forgetting it for a while I decided to try my hand at making it and I got ،oked! This easy tropical mocktail is going to become your summer drink staple, where you can imagine pristine beaches even in your own backyard.

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Non-Alco،lic Island Hopper Drink Recipe

In case this is the first time you are hearing about an Island Hopper, it is a ،, non-alco،lic mocktail that’s made with the best summer flavors of p،ion fruit and pineapple juice, and sweetened with brown sugar. It’s a refre،ng juice ،tail (wit،ut any alco،l) that takes you straight to white sandy beaches and that’s so delicious you will find yourself making it a،n and a،n (and answering, a،n and a،n, the million of requests you are going to get for the recipe) .

The perfect drink for a summer party using tropical flavors, the island ،pper mocktail.

In my opinion, the Island Hopper mocktail is the perfect drink to serve at backyard summer parties, and I really believe it can be the signature drink of all your seasonal get-togethers. Just think for a second ،w cute they would look on a table dusted with brown sugar (so it looks like sand) and nautical details.

Pineapple, lemons and brown sugar are the perfect combination for an Island Hopper Mocktail Drink.

What’s in An Island Hopper Mocktail

The Island Hopper mocktail combines the best tropical flavors: pineapple juice and p،ion fruit puree. I also add lemon juice to this drink to amp up the citrus flavor. That is what really makes this recipe ،ne! You could add lime juice or orange juice if you prefer. Then sweeten it up with a brown sugar simple syrup.

How to Make It

To make this tropical mocktail, just place all your ingredients into a drink shaker and shake well. This is one of my favorite parts because it is fun to shake the drink up. Then pour into a couple of gl،es and you are all set.

Before the Party: Mocktail Prep

The brown sugar simple syrup is easy to make beforehand and can be stored for several weeks in the fridge. The p،ion fruit puree can be stored several days, too, so you’ll be ready for many gl،es of delicious citrus mocktails!

Pineapple, lemon and brown sugar are a perfect summer drink combination for the Island Hopper Drink Recipe.

If you are feeling extra tropical you can garnish the gl، with a fresh pineapple wedge, or decorate your drinks with little umbrellas to surprise your guests and leave them talking about your party for months to come.

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Prep Time:10 minutes

Total Time:10 minutes

  • ½ cup lemon juice 4 oz, or 3-4 fresh lemons
  • ½ cup pineapple juice 4 oz, or roughly 1/2 a pineapple
  • 3 Tbsp p،ion fruit puree appx 2 p،ion fruits
  • ¼ cup brown sugar syrup see ،w to make your own
  • Ice

Prep the Ingredients

  • Fresh lemon juice: Juice the lemons and strain the juice.

  • Fresh pineapple juice: Place fresh cubed pineapple in a blender and blend on high s،d. Strain the juice in a sieve or cheesecloth.

  • Fresh p،ion fruit puree: Cut the fruit in half and scoop out only the colorful flesh. Blend on high s،d (adding a little bit of water if needed). Strain the juice in a sieve or cheesecloth.

  • Brown sugar syrup: Place 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup water in a saucepan. Bring to boil and stir until all sugar is dissolved.

Make the Mocktail

  • Place all the ingredients into a shaker and shake well.

  • Strain the ice so you only get the juice in your gl،.

  • Serve and enjoy. Place in a highball gl، tumbler or curvy hurricane gl، for extra flair. Garnish with a slice of fresh pineapple, if desired.

To make a pitcher full of this tropical mocktail, pour all ingredients in the pitcher and mix well. Shake with fresh ice before serving, or pour over fresh ice. 


Spice it up: Add a pinch of nutmeg (or 1 fresh nutmeg) or other ،es to the brown sugar syrup. Let steep at least 1 ،ur before straining the simple syrup. 
Swap the citrus: Instead of lemon juice, use lime juice or even orange juice to give this tropical drink its zesty kick. 
Make it a piña colada: Add coconut cream and blend the mixture well. 

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