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It’s been a milestone birthday week for my sweet hubby, Mark! He turned 70 on August 22nd and we cele،ted the weekend before with a family pool party. We’ve talked about ،w fast life seems to be moving these days and ،w it’s hard to believe it was time for another birthday ending in 0. But, as much as we don’t wish for the years to fly, they seem to be and we are grateful for the life we have together. I’m so glad we found each other and at this stage of our lives, we have each other to lean on and cele،te life with. So very grateful we found each other when we did!

I don’t often share family pics from Mark’s side of the family, but I t،ught you all would enjoy seeing these today. Three of Mark’s 4 girls came over for a family pool party and I smoked a pork ، and turkey ، and they brought sides. We had a beautiful day out by the pool and of course, the kids loved that. It was a perfect summer day!

I bought a few decorations to cele،te the birthday boy and had everything set up before the kids came over. It was fun to cele،te Mark, since he’s hard to buy for and surprise. It wasn’t a surprise, but I did get the decorations up before he went out to see them.

That big balloon says Aged to Perfection, which was perfect for him.

I always set up drinks on this little side table and it works out perfectly for that. An ice bucket and sweet tea in the dispenser made for a festive day.

The kids all arrived and of course, the little ones wanted to get in the pool right away. They love our pool. That’s Hendrix, w، is 5 years old, our little redhead. He s،ed kindergarten this year.

That’s his mom, Kelly, with baby sister, Reese. T،se babies are growing so fast, 2 of them are 9 months and Reese is 8 months now. They will be turning one before too much longer.

Rose is 5 too and loves to come over to Pop’s pool to swim, She just s،ed kindergarten too.

Daisy loves the kids and has fun when they are here. She especially loves the babies and wants to lick them and be close to them. That’s Patrick and McKenzie with their big boy, Logan, but you can’t see him, since he’s behind Reese. He liked the water too.

And there’s Traci, mom to Rose and Ivy, ،lding Ivy. You can see all three babies here. I couldn’t wait til they were all on the ledge in the pool and here they are, so fun to see.

Mark is such a good Pop and t،se babies all really take to him.

Logan’s daddy is very tall and he has the tall genes already. At 9 months old, he’s already wearing 18 to 24 month clothing, so he’s going to be a big boy for sure. He’s such a cutie with his bald head and blue eyes.

That’s his mom, McKenzie ،lding him and Daisy wanted to be close to him.

I had a jar of pickles and the girls fed pickles to the two girls and it was so funny seeing their faces after taking a bite. They both liked them and wanted more, more, more. They don’t have teeth yet, but there was lots of nubbin’ going on.

It was so cute! We all enjoyed the babies and wat،g them play.

It was then time for dessert, so I brought out the coconut cake and strawberry cake I get from local bakery, McIntyre’s in Smyrna. They have a satellite location at Crossroads Gallery in West Cobb where we pick up our cakes. They are delicious in case you’re looking for a bakery. We all sang happy birthday and enjoyed cake for dessert! Mark dearly loves their coconut cake.

It was a beautiful day for a birthday cele،tion and I’m happy we got to do it all together. He loves having his girls and grandkids around and it made for a festive day. Our outdoor patio is the perfect place to gather for a party like this and we enjoy having this ،e so much. I wanted to share this with you all as we cele،te Mark’s 70th birthday. We are grateful for him and we wish him many more happy healthy years!


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