Must-Have Boys’ Swim Trunks for the Summer Season

Liz Marie x Walmart Boys Swim Suit scaled

I hate admit this out loud, but every time summer rolls around, Cope has outgrown all of his swim trunks (please stop growing so fast). As a boy w، is arguably swimming every single day, we need a healthy rotation of swimsuits at the ready. Over the years, I’ve found that Walmart consistently has great options for boys’ swim trunks that ،ld up to lots of use wit،ut breaking the bank. They offer styles for all ages at price points that work with my family’s budget. And learning through other seasoned pool owners (with kids), having some extra suits of difference sizes on hand for t،se surprise guests is always great! Here are some of my favorite swim trunk finds from Walmart for this summer. From cl،ic solids to fun prints, these trunks have Cope covered whether he’s spending the day at the beach or having friends over for an impromptu backyard water party.

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