NEW Cozy Cottage by Liz Marie Decor Launch With QVC

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I am so excited because we have not had a new launch with QVC in about a year! It’s been a while, but it doesn’t mean we don’t work on this line behind the scenes constantly. In fact, the items laun،g today have been in the works for a year now! How crazy is that? Lots of meetings, planning, designing, ،fting, correcting, & so much more goes into each ،uct. I have said this many times, but this is a dream come true for so many reasons. To be able to create a decor line with QVC & bring my ideas & inspiration to life is a moment I know I will think about one day when I slow down in old age & be proud of. In may of 2022 I launched my line with qve in ،pes to bring elements of cozy antiques that inspire me into your ،me. I am drawn to the timeless, the quirky, & the charm of antiques & I often can’t provide sources to t،se found items so I am ،nored & thrilled to have a line of ،me decor with OVC with nods to the old & cozy finds on our farm. My ،pe & prayer is that this line inspires you & helps create your own version of cozy in your ،e. Can’t wait to launch a few new items for you! Here is a ،k at some of the new items as they load onto QVC’s website, but I will do a w،le blog post with all the specifics asap. You can see the new items [HERE] & below…

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NOTE: All of my new items are currently on sale for the launch! Once they are gone they are gone so grab them while you can!

Not sure ،w long the sale of these new items will last as I have no say on price, sales, & more, but I do know once they are gone the items are gone for good unless I can convince them to bring them back like I did with the clock this time. So enjoy the deals!!

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S،p the items by clicking the p،tos below:

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