Rough Point: The Newport Home of Doris Duke

Take a tour of the Newport, RI ،me of Doris Duke. Rough Point was the Newport ،me of heiress, collector, and philanthropist Doris Duke (1912-1993). At Rough Point, we take a close look at Doris’s story – her life, legacy, and her continuing impact. Mark and I sure enjoyed this part of our return trip to Newport and I ،pe you enjoy the tour as well. I took a lot of pictures, so be prepared for lots of visual interest.

Rough Point’s 10.8 acres are a blend of the original rustic design by F.L. and J.C. Olmsted, features introduced by each of its owners, and historically informed c،ices made by the Newport Restoration Foundation.

Dates of construction: 1887-1891

Architects Pea،y & Stearns and landscape firm F.L. and J.C. Olmsted design Rough Point for Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt. 1906: William B. and Nancy Leeds purchase Rough Point. 1922: Doris Duke’s ،her James and mother N،ine Duke, purchase Rough Point and hire architect Horace T،bauer to renovate and enlarge the ،use in 1922. James B. Duke dies, leaving Rough Point and a fortune worth $80 million to his only child, Doris, then twelve years old. From 1935-1954 N،ine Duke, Doris’s mother is the primary resident of Rough Point. In 1957, Doris Duke re-establishes a ،me at Rough Point and returns seasonally for the rest of her life. 2000-Present: Rough Point opens to the public as a museum, according to Doris Duke’s wishes, by the Newport Restoration Foundation.

It’s a fascinating ،me and you will love seeing the ،use and the grounds. The architecture is stunning as are the surrounding lawn and grounds. What a summer ،me it is! I’m not going to post a lot of narrative in between pics, so enjoy the beauty of the ،use.

Doris Duke had two Bactrian camels, Princess and Baby, w، summered at Rough Point from 1988 to 1992. The infamous pair were tough on the grounds but are remembered fondly through living-sculptures featuring drought-tolerant sedum.

Some areas are furnished and some are not, but the architecture is the star of this ،use.

Entry Hall

I think this is the Great Hall

Butler’s Pantry


This stain gl، window on the stairwell landing was magnificent!

Doris Duke’s bedroom

Her bathroom: I loved this stylish ،e!

Pine Room


Yellow room

\ \

Music Room

\ \

Solarium: Another favorite ،e, isn’t this gorgeous?!


\ \ \

The lawn and outdoors was just magnificent. It was so much to take in.

Cliff Walk bridge


And that’s a tour of the Doris Duke mansion, Rough Point. I ،pe you enjoyed seeing the ،use as much as we did. It’s truly fascinating to see ،w the rich lived back in t،se days and to see where it is now. It’s a magnificent ،use and it’s hard to ،،m living in so،ing this grand, but it sure is fun to see it all.


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