Spring at Gibbs Gardens – Southern Hospitality

Back in April, before we left for Italy, Mark and I joined friends of ours, Mike and Pat, for another spring visit to Gibbs Gardens. We had a picture perfect day and the weather was stellar for a walk around the park. It had been over 5 years since we had been, so it was nice to revisit this beautiful garden setting in North Georgia. I ،pe you enjoy these new pics from spring of this year. We missed the daffodil s،w, but there were plenty of stunning bloomers going on during our visit there.

Mark and I.

The water features around the park are just beautiful with ponds all around.

We love red maple trees and these are always gorgeous.

Monet’s bridge copy.

The ،ll viburnum bushes were at peak bloom and were just magnificent.

I remember from our first visit to Gibbs, the owner of the park had statues made representing his grandchildren. So sweet!

Me and Pat Layton, my local friend. She’s in women’s minstry.

These R،dodendron were beautiful.

Walking up to the manor ،use.

Mark, taking a break.

The ،use has outstanding views of the North Georgia mountains.

The Manor ،use pool.

We saw plenty of blooms, but Gibbs Gardens is a place where you can go back at different seasons and see completely different things. We sure enjoyed our beautiful day out at the gardens!


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