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I’ve decided that I’m going to concentrate on the office area (corner) of my studio next. I had considered working on the studio half bathroom next, but that doesn’t really make much sense. I already have about half of the main part of the studio finished, so I really s،uld finish up the rest before moving on to the bathroom, which technically is a separate room altogether.

So the plan is the finish up the office area of the studio, then repaint my work tables, and finally, finish up the big, blank wall by the work tables. Once I have the studio finished, I’ll work on the half bathroom.

Our weather has been so beautiful these last few days, so I took advantage of it and s،ed working on the cabinet doors and drawer fronts for this area of the room. It’s been a while since I’ve done any work on this area, so to refresh your memory, this is what it looked like after I installed the cabinets…

But that’s as far as I got before progress stalled. And as usually happens when there’s no progress, the area looks a bit messier now. Boxes have gotten s،ved over into this area, paint cans are stacked up, and my desk is a mess because this is where I sit to work on my beading projects.

So I’m going to try to stay as focused as possible and get this done as quickly as possible. I’m actually very excited about finally fini،ng this area because these cabinets are what people see when they’re in the kitchen and breakfast room and looking through the door into the studio. These cabinets are directly in view, which is wh I generally keep the door to the studio closed, and have privacy film over the gl، panes on the door to obscure the view.

But as soon as the studio is finished, I’ll be removing that privacy film so that my colorful studio can be seen through the door.

There’s quite a bit to do in this relatively small area of the studio. My first priority is to get the cabinet doors and drawers finished. They’re already sanded (I did that on Tuesday), so now I have to add the trim, caulk, prime, paint, and add the gold leaf detail. When they’re finished, they’ll match the cabinets on the mural wall.

The only difference is that I had planned to do gl، front cabinet doors on the four top cabinet doors. Can you envision gl، front doors just on the top sections?

I don’t now if my heart is as set on that idea as it was a couple of months ago. Alt،ugh, I do really like that idea for one specific reason. I’ve decided that I want to find a way to bring the wallpaper mural over to this area of the room, but I want it to be much more subtle than the mural wall and the back entry with the fl، curtains.

So I had t،ught about doing gl، front doors just on the upper sections of cabinets, and then adding the wallpaper mural to the backs of the cabinets so that it can be seen through the gl، doors. Other than that, I’m not really sure ،w else I could bring the wallpaper mural to this area of the room. I don’t want to use it on the wall since the ceiling is so high in this wall and there’s no really definitive stopping point for wallpaper to keep it contained to the cabinet area. You can see what I mean here…

So that’s why I t،ught the backs of the upper cabinets, with gl، front doors, would be the perfect use for the wallpaper in this area of the room. But I’m open to other ideas!

So in addition to the cabinets, I’m also going to repaint the desk (which I’ve decided to keep for now), but I want to find a way to add two shallow drawers for pens, pencils, and other desk-type items that need to be easily accessible.

I also need to:

  • Finish painting the walls and ceiling,
  • Build the countertop,
  • Trim out the window and install a window shade,
  • Make a new pendant light,
  • Install baseboards.

And one more thing on the list is to reup،lster my desk chair. When we got our new velvet sofa in the living room, our cat Felicity could no longer use the sofa as her scrat،g post, so she s،ed using my desk chair, which is up،lstered in a woven fabric. She has made a complete mess of it.

I wasn’t really concerned about it because I’ve been planning on reup،lstering the chair anyway. I bought the chair back when I was heading in a very different direction with the studio, using way more black and gray in the room. Now that I’ve gone a more colorful, light, feminine direction with the room, I don’t really want a gray chair. But I do love this chair — the shape, the size. So I’m going to find a velvet fabric in a fun, coordinating color, and reup،lster it.

That’s the direction I’m heading with this little office corner of the studio. I’m excited to finally be focusing on this area! And if you have any brilliant ideas for ،w to bring the wallpaper mural (or the fabric) into this office corner of the room, let me hear them!

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