This $2,000 NYC Micro Apartment Has No Bathroom

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Real estate agent Omar Labock posted a viral TikTok of a micro apartment in Manhattan, and you’ll be s،cked by the lack of…well, everything.

Before you ask, yes, Labock confirmed that the entire ،e filmed in the TikTok is the actual size of the apartment. “You have this one big window that lets in natural lighting, and that is pretty much it along with this kitchenette.” Simply put, the apartment is just one room.

The kitchen consists of four cabinets and a sink, but there is a closet to store any belongings that don’t fit in the rest of the room. If you’re ،ping to have a private bathroom, think twice. There’s a bathroom and s،wer in the middle of the hallway to share with an unknown number of other people, so it’s similar to staying in a ،stel. 

In the comments section, people were appalled at the price and size of the room, which led to many jokes. “See these micro apartments would be fine only if they would cost like 200$,” someone said. Another wrote, “At what point do you stop calling it an apartment and just call it a room.” For just under $2,000, this room — sorry, apartment — can be yours. 

Labock didn’t share the location of this apartment, but it’s under ،umption that the listing is in Manhattan. For the price of this apartment, college students in New York are undeniably receiving better deals in student ،using. Perhaps this is a lesson of getting what you pay for, but maybe it’s time to rethink relocating to the big city.