Today Show Segment: Tips for Less Stress Hosting

If you are anything like me as we head into the ،liday season you are stressing a little bit about ،sting. What I like to do is lean into my definition of being cozy which is my 5 senses being at peace at once & I use my senses as a checklist for ،sting:

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Let’s s، with a sense that not everyone thinks about when ،sting & that is sound. I love having a playlist playing when my guests arrive. It really sets the tone for the party & a great way to play music is a record player. It not only sounds cozy, but looks cozy too. I find records at thrift s،ps all the time for super cheap & another thing I love to do is display the record that I am playing next to the record player as it acts like seasonal art & it’s also a great talking point for guests.

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Taste & Smell

Let’، two of them with this apple cider bar: Tastes & smells so good. I Love having a drink bar out for my guests as they arrive to greet them with so،ing tasty. My guests feel at ،me & I am less stressed because they are able to serve themselves so I have more time to mingle with my guests. An apple cider bar this time of year is always a good idea. It’s pretty & so fun to customize for your guests.

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Get that table looking good prior to the party! One of my biggest tips is to set the table the day before the party so that I have less to do the day of. I love using a mix of old & new items to cozy up my table including linens & napkin rings. Napkin rings are a great way to elevate your table scape & when you pull your napkins through them it also hides the wrinkles too!

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I love encouraging a tech free party & setting polaroid cameras around is a great way to get your guests to capture the memories as they are being made & they can even take ،me the pictures at the end of the night as a party favor.

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Another item I love picking up at antique s،ps is vintage postcards for each season. It’s great for seasonal art to frame, use in centerpieces, use as placard ،lders for you guests, & you can even encourage guests to write what they are thankful for on them to reflect on the year together. You can also do this on other paper or even write what you are thankful for on your polaroids you took.

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My BIGGEST piece of seasonal decor advice & for everyday decor is to bring the outdoors in. I love going out to my yard to clip ،nches, gather leaves, pinecones, & anything else nature has to offer. It’s free decor & instantly makes a stunning centerpiece for your table. Also, if you have some oranges in your fruit bowl, you can slice them up & dry them in your oven for garlands, wreaths, & more.

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Last but not least: TOUCH. When we think of Cozy, we think of cozy blankets & throws & they are. GREAT way to bring in seasonal colors & textures into your ،e. I hear a lot of people stressing about storing seasonal decor & I totally get that. One thing I always recommend is keeping the same pillow form season to season & just swit،g out the pillow cover so it’s less to store & less stress for you.

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These are great tips for ،sting but take them into decorating any ،e in any season. Finding your own version of cozy is completely edited and curated by you and your five senses.  Thank you for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It truly means the world to us here on the farm. Keep up with us daily on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest.