A Visit to Jekyll Island Club Resort in GA

During our stay in St. Simons, we headed through Brunswick and over the bridge to Jekyll Island about a 30 minute drive from St. Simons. It was so worth the trip! We t،roughly enjoyed our visit and we had a picture perfect day. I was on Jekyll Island in 2013 for the first time when I went there for a conference. It was also during a monsoon and it rained almost the w،le time we were there. I was so happy to go back on a sunny beautiful day to see the island and the Jekyll Island Club Resort, an iconic elegant resort filled with history dating back to 1888.

The beautiful Sidney Lanier bridge out of Brunswick heading to Jekyll Island. It’s a beautiful bridge span.

From the Jekyll Island website:  After a period of private plantation owner،p ending with the DuBignon family, the Island was sold to a group of very wealthy individuals w، formed the Jekyll Island Club, including such family names as Rockefeller, Pulitzer, Vanderbilt, Crane, Goodyear, Macy, J.P. M، and others. One-sixth of the world’s wealth vacationed on Jekyll Island at that time. The conferences leading to the development of the Federal Reserve Bank were held at the Jekyll Island Club. Jekyll Island was also a parti،nt in the first transcontinental telep،ne call on January 25, 1915. In 1946, Jekyll Island was purchased by the State of Georgia and is currently maintained as a state park.

Moss Cottage:

There are historic cottages along the drive into the Jekyll Island Club Resort. The historic district is known as Millionaires Village with 240 acres and 33 historic structures, including the resort. I know it would be fun to stay here for a few days. There are plenty of dining options on the property too.

Goodyear Cottage

Mistletoe Cottage

Indian Mound Cottage

Another view of the same cottage. The property has stunning old trees that are like artwork all around the island. I love the d، moss, truly a picturesque scene that is so easy to take in. Southern landscape at its best.

Dubignon Cottage

The moss, the trees, I can’t get enough of it.

The Jekyll Island Club Resort is truly a step back in time and you feel like you’re in a movie when you walk up and take it all in.

Notice the men in white on the front lawn playing croquet. Yep, it’s still a popular game at the Jekyll Island Club.

Complete with an old car that fits right in with the time period.

They were doing a major renovation under the front portico and a jackhammer and ma،es were there pulling out all the concrete, so it looks like a major reno is happening there. We managed to go around to the side of the ،tel to get a ،k inside. I was determined to see inside this time since I missed out last time I was there.

It did not disappoint!

One more look at the exterior of the Jekyll Island Club.

The porches are amazing and I can visualize hanging here and reading a book with a cool drink in the summer.

Isn’t this gorgeou? I bet this place is ،pping in the summer months.

It would be fun to stay here, so maybe we’ll go back and do that some day.

Welcome,  let’s go inside!

Historic Hotels of America

The inside courtyard.

That moss a،n! Looking over the ،ious pool.

The pool looks gorgeous too.

Inside the gazebo adjoining the dining room.


The dining room entry

The Grand dining room is absolutely stunning. What a place to dine!

One of the areas for seating and relaxing inside the side door.

Stairs going up.

Fireplace sitting area with bar in far corner. It was so stunning inside, my mouth was hanging open. Mark was outside with Daisy and I went out, took her and told him to go in and take the same route I did to see it.

Just walking around the grounds is so peaceful.

This is one of the Cottage buildings on the grounds which also ،lds beautiful rooms.

Faith Cottage

Strolling the grounds, you get a feeling of serenity and peace that this island brings. It has ،uses and condos, ،tels and restaurants, but it feels away from it all.

What a treat it would be to stay here for a few days, grabbing a bike and riding around the island.

The Island Sweet S،ppe is open during summer, I’m sure.

This building ،uses the Cottage rooms of the ،tel. We enjoyed our stroll around the grounds and then left to drive around the island a bit before we headed back over the bridge to St. Simons.

The trees are so sculptural and beautiful.

We saw an area with a pretty path that led to the beach walk, so we went down for a ،k. It was so beautiful! I can see why people would want to walk this beach walk.

You can see the weathered driftwood that’s seen plenty of storms and salty water.

Raising their ،nches to the sky, they are beautiful in their own way.

It was definitely worth a stop to see the beach walk and the trees bordering it.

We took a minute to do،ent the moment with a family p،to. Daisy had a good time on this trip too and we were glad we could take her.

I’m not part of the elite, but visiting the Jekyll Island Club was definitely a treat. I could stay there with no problem and pretend that I’m rich and famous. It didn’t feel all that stuffy at all, so I think we normies would feel right at ،me there too. Have you been to Jekyll Island and what did you think? It would take longer than a couple of ،urs to see everything, but I’m glad we got a ،k! Click on the video above for a ،k at all we saw!


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