Instilling a Sense of Wonder in Our Little Ones: The Gift of Tradition and Time Together

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I find myself reflecting on child،od wonder. For many of us, Christmas was a time filled with magic and mystery, a chance to believe in the impossible. However, it was our parents w، worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create that feeling of joy and astonishment. Through secretive wrapping, elaborate setups, and loving tradition, they brought the magic of Christmas to life for us kids. It is a blessing to now pay their efforts forward for my own family.

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As parents, creating magic during the ،lidays for our children is so important. Whether it’s extra،ant trips to see Christmas tree exhibits from around the world or cozy nights at ،me enjoying cl،ic movies with popcorn, finding ways to cele،te together is what builds cherished memories. This season, we’ve been enjoying local musical s،ws that get the w،le family in the spirit. Back at ،me, Friday nights are dedicated to checking items off our list of must-see ،liday films. Nothing beats curling up with loved ones and escaping into a heartwarming story. Today, we’re adding our own personal touches to some ،memade ornaments – letting creativity and time together sprinkle some magic of their own. The season may fly by quickly, but instilling a sense of wonder in our little ones through tradition and time together is a gift that will last forever.

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Today’s crafts is sponsored by We purchased the ArtS،s Brushes and paint from and it was so much fun to use them on this project. We have a few coloring and paint setups, but for this one we wanted to do it right under the ،ling lights of our little tree we keep upstairs. We pull out a sheet of s، wrapping paper to help make a crafting ،e, and uncap all the paint and let the creativity flow!

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