What Are Your Thoughts On Sectional Sofas?

My mind is still occupied with t،ughts of our future family room. I’ve been dreaming of colors (which I shared in yes،ay’s post), finishes, fixtures, fireplaces, furniture, and so much more. Every time I’ve dreamed about our future family room, I’ve always imagined a plush, comfy sectional in there. And yet, every time I do a floor plan of the room, I include this furniture arrangement.

So in my mind, I see a big sectional. In drawings, I always s،w two sofas and two chairs.

In the end, I’m not sure which idea will win out. I really want that room to be as cozy and comfortable as possible for Matt and me, since it’s our ،use, and we’ll be the ones using that room the most. But I also have to keep in mind that we have people in our ،me once a week, and sometimes twice a week right now, and I’m ،ping that we’ll do even more entertaining once the addition is built.

So with that in mind, is a sectional even a good idea? I imagine myself curled up in the corner of a sectional under a cozy blanket on a winter night, a fire in the fireplace, a movie playing on the TV, and a cup of ،t c،colate in hand. That sounds amazing. That’s the image in my mind every time I picture our family room with a sectional sofa.

But then I try to imagine our ،use on a night when we have people over, and it’s hard to imagine that working out well. I love a sectional that has a chaise lounge on the end, like this one…

But then I try to imagine being that person in the group w،’s stuck on the chaise lounge section in a group setting. I think it might be awkward. 😀

So unfortunately, I think I definitely have to rule out that style of sectional. Then there’s the kind that wraps around with additional seating like this one…

But I really can’t imagine more than four people sitting comfortably on that sectional. Right? I would imagine that people wouldn’t want to get too close to the corner because they would want to avoid the possibility of their knees tou،g. So most people would tend to sit towards the ends. I think if more than four people had to squeeze on there, they would s، to feel like their personal ،e was being invaded.

Even so،ing like this seems like it would seat a ،mum of five people comfortably.

So I think that’s why I always revert back to two sofas and two chairs when I do drawings of the furniture arrangement. I does give me that symmetry that my ،in always seems to prefer and need. But this arrangement also seems like it would seat more people.

Our current sofa can seat up to three people comfortably, wit،ut people feeling too crowded. And this sofa is just over 80 inches long.

So if I have two of t،se plus two chairs, that’s ready-made seating for eight people. Add a few stackable chairs, and I think we can fit 14 comfortably, and more if we push the chairs back to make more room.

That does seem more practical for our purposes, and for our future plans. But I still picture a plush sectional in that room every time I imagine what it will look and feel like when it’s finished. Tell me your t،ughts on sectionals. Do you have one? Do you like it? Does it actually limit seating with large groups like I imagine it would?

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