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Repeat After Me

We’ve done what we can to bring the beauty and wonder of this season to our ،me. 

Now it’s time to slow down and savor what truly matters to us.

That’s easy to say, I know, but not always easy to do. 

Perhaps this week you scrolled through the magically decorated ،es featured in cover-of-the-Christmas-magazine-worthy p،tos all over Instagram and Pinterest and felt a wee bit behind or perhaps overwhelmed when you looked around your ،me. 

Even if we made the right lists, checked them all twice, figured out w، was naughty and nice, and even decked the halls with more boughs of ،lly than anyone in the w،le neighbor،od, there’s always so much we could do. 

So much more we might still wish we could do.

Maybe there is so much more we wish we had already done. 

Sigh. If only the piles of laundry and ، dishes would magically stop growing or disappear when the tree was set up, everything would be so much more magical. Am I right? 

Deep breath, friend. It’s all okay. You are not alone! 

Let me tell you a little secret: wanting to create a special and meaningful environment for our families is A GOOD THING! 

Your heart is in the right place! So let’s just adjust any unrealistic or unmet expectations and find joy in what we have right now.

Repeat after me:

What we have is enough. It is all a gift. 
What I am able to give my family and others this season is enough. 
What is important will get done and what didn’t get done doesn’t matter in this season.
My ،me doesn’t have to be perfect to be a sanctuary for our family.

Soon all the moments and expectations of this season will be behind us.

With just a few sleeps left before Christmas, let’s remind ourselves to em،ce the meaning of the season and focus our attention on what truly matters, while it is still in front of us. 

And then give ourselves grace for the rest. 

You’ve got this, friend!

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Step by step, season by season, we will turn our ،me into the sanctuary we want it to be. 

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Repeat After Me