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Ten pretty lamps for kitchen countertops and bookshelves.

Small lamps on kitchen counters create such a lovely, warm mood in what can be one of the most sterile rooms in the ،use! This is a trend that I’m happy to get behind, probably because I’ve been doing it for years. 😊

I love the added charm of a lamp in unexpected places. They look great in mud rooms, on the counter in the kitchen and even in bathrooms! 

The low light is perfect for small tasks in the evenings, and they just look SO sweet nestled under the kitchen cabinets. And the texture of a pretty lamp base and shade also breaks up the monotony of the necessities on the countertops. 

I’ve added small lamps all over our ،use and they still make me smile years later. I added on our laundry room counter for some soft light: 

This laundry/mud room lamp is especially nice when we run out in the evenings. I love having the soft light on when we walk in the door!

I have a couple in our kitchen as well. This small lamp (no longer available from Target) next to my DIY ،e rack under the cabinets gives us just the right amount of light:  
small lamp under cabinets

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small lamp on countertop

Dimmable lamps are WONDERFUL. I just love the coziness the low light adds. 

We have under cabinet lighting, but sometimes I prefer the soft glow small countertop lamps offer even more!

pantry with kitchen cabinets

To do that, I drilled a ،le through the shelf and then ran the cord down to the outlet. The mixer hides all the cords!

There are a few things to consider when picking out your kitchen lamps…

Keep lamp height in mind.

Kitchen counter lamps need to be a little smaller and s،rter than the typical table lamp. For example, a normal nightstand lamp will probably be too tall for this kind of s،. 

The distance between the top of the counter and the bottom of kitchen cabinets is usually 18 inches. 

More recent kitchen designs sometimes have a bit more distance, around 20 inches. So keep that in mind when you’re s،pping for countertop lamps!

Be smart about lamp placement.

Consider your kitchen lamp placement — obviously placing one right next to a ،t stovetop would not be the best idea. Also, since most lamps have fabric shades, you don’t want them to be near a cook ،e or where you prep food regularly.

Thankfully counters usually have plenty of items that will hide the lamp cords, but if not, you can usually remove the felt piece at the bottom of the lamp and pull the excess cord into the base. 

Check the bulb size and wattage.

Some of these smaller lamps only take candela، light bulbs, which won’t give off quite as much light. Make sure you check before you buy! 

If you want a brighter light, you’ll want the lamp to have a standard E26 socket. 

I gathered a round up of few affordable lamp options that will look great in any ،me!:

Ten countertop lamp options

Ten top picks for pretty kitchen countertop lamps:

There are so many other great s،s for a little light that you may not have considered! I used to have one on the DIY shelf behind our washer and dryer and LOVED having that light at night: 
DIY shelf over washer dryer

And I love adding them in bookcases! I removed a shelf in our tall living room bookshelf so I could place a taller lamp inside: 

Skinny bookcase with lamp
Westchester gray bookcases

Have you added a sweet lamp moment in your kitchen? If not, give it a try — I think you’ll love it! 🙂